What is Love

what is love

You know that fuzzy feeling between being awake and falling asleep.. that feeling of just being so comfortable and letting go? The knowledge that nothing bad will happen and trust you will awake tomorrow. That is love.

I know you are confused. Falling in love is this dramatic firework being shot off in your heart, or the excited beat of your heart when you see that person.

Actually…. No it is not; those feelings can be brought about with a scary movie or too much coffee. Trust me when all the fireworks fade and that heavy heart beat slows what you will wish you had was warmth of trust and comfort that true love brings.

Romantic love has its place and no one should deny that the flutter of eye lashes and shaking hands are not signs of what will come; but understand that when you date someone and you have those feelings it doesn’t mean that at that moment you are in love, rather you are in-love with the possibility of love.

It is what inspires love poems, love songs and it is what fuels the dating sites like match or chemistry or the alike.

Love for a mate should be interchangeable with a Friendship love, the fact that sex is healthy in a relationship is a given.

It gives a couple the closeness and shared pleasure that create trust and bond, but true love should never be based on sex. Relationships that run solely on sexual needs and romance fade over time while those that rely on companionship last for the long hall.

Last but not least you know it is love when it hurts. Love hurts, not just feeling failure or damage done to pride, but a pain that only comes from a lose like death.

Most of the time younger people mistake anger for this mourning, but anger is more of a selfish feeling that comes with admitting you lost a game or feelings of ego.

When you are truly in love with someone you do not want to say good bye because they have become part of you and compliment the person you have become.

Not knowing what love is about is what many in life face, wondering why they have been divorced 3 times, why no mater how hard they try and pick through perspectives like interviewing for a high paying job and still the relationships go awry.

It is discouraging and depressing. But you will not know 100% by the way a person looks, their birthday, or education if they are right for you and a good match.

Love is blind to qualifications and until you feel that warm comfortable trust that doesn’t make your heart beat fast but rather slows it, you will not have felt love.