With over 17 years of experience with tarot and psychic readings, it’s easy for me to fill pages and pages with client testimonials but I prefer not to make majority of them public to protect their privacy and to honor Non Disclosure Agreements.

Nevertheless, I’m mentioning a few of them below with permission. Please feel free to email me at admin@psychictarotreadings.net to know more testimonials and I would be more than happy to oblige !

Wow! your reading was spot on!!! First of all I am a very intuitive, psychic person.. yes…. it all resonated with me…

You were lazer sharp on your reading,appreciated and thanks!! You are very gifted…. Love and Blessings


Thank you so much Deborah what you said meant so much. I will try to focus on my daughter & I, and try to be the best mom I can be without worrying about him 🙂

Your the best! Thank you.

Sonya *

Thank You, I will take your advise and I am excited

Sherri *

Deborah thank you so very much for responding, I truly appreciate your help. I hope have a fabulous weekend!

Sandy *

OMG! Thank you your were so right on. As I was reading this a big grim came on my face an I felt at ease.

Julie *

hi,wow..you do fantastic work…a lady of many talents.


Sounds good to me ,yes, you hit the nail on the head


Hello..thank you for this, i knew this already but i needed a reminder and u did just that..

thankful for it..

have a good one!

Totti*Hi Deb,

You are a very amazing person, I was Surprised after your psychic reading about me. you told me a lot of things about my life and all of it are true i can’t know how u do that ? all i can say is that you are the best. I wish you success in your new site with all my best wishes.


Yeh! You did great Deborah. Thanks.