Well Balanced and in control of your emotions… making sure to not let down your guard. Virgo my horoscope advice to you is to let go of those grudges you have been hording for so long, not everyone can be so sympathetic to others needs.

As a child you did without concern, active and nothing could stop you.

As a Teenager you expect nothing less then complete freedom

When a Young adult you realize why there are rules to go by and feel the effect of testing a few of those rules yourself. Your actions effect the rest of your life… be careful

As a Responsible Adult you have learned your lessons well and become a selfless, honest, giving and understand parent and friend. The problems are with relationships, the fact that you are selfless makes you less tolerant to others selfish nature. “Not everyone can be like you”

A Virgo’s personality can not put up with Liars, and Cheats. Being in touched with Logic makes you always right. Your “Perfection” is hard for others to compete with. Try as you may…. the only way to not hurt feelings sometimes is just to smile and nod. Work on forgiving and accepting others short comings.

THIS ASTROLOGICAL SIGN insures they are a hard worker and can always be relied upon to get things done and to be there when they need you… You excel at Finances, Communication and Listening to others concerns. Social worker, Care giver, Business owner and Planer are your best Employments

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