Why cloning is a psychic moral issue


Most would say cloning has nothing to do with the art of psychics. But look again, this is not just a religious issue keeping the government in check and holding the scientists at bay, no this is a human issue at the roots of creation and the soul.

Does that cloned person have a soul? Or will the cloned person be soulless and hollow? Perhaps the cloned human will be able to answer all the questions that science has, for the act of creation.

Let’s look at the “Dolly the cloned sheep” It is a great show of science ability to create out of a single cell and embryo a living breathing replica of a sheep. But they did make just a few mistakes that posse some real questions that science is not willing to discus.

Dolly has a short life expectancy. It is do to the fact that she has shorter connectors to the cells much like an older sheep (Like the one she was cloned from) the cell had memory; it knew it was supposed to be an older sheep. It is already proven that other cells in the body know what they are supposed to be. Even cancer cells know they are cancer.

But what else does that cell know, remember. We are taught in spiritualism that every cell in the body is you. Every single cell is part of your soul, there for every cell has soul. We have to ask what else we are recreating when we clone a cell. Will that cloned human remember the things that the parent remembers and in that way BE THE PARENT?

Identical twins have a “psychic connection” that normal siblings have due to there similarities and blood.  Science in all of there faithless “knowledge” would say it is the way they are raised but ask any parent of twins it is impossible to treat two children even twins that same. It is deeper then upbringing it is “metaphysical”

If a heart transplant recipient can start to crave the things that the donor of that heart used to like, or want to start to do things that the donor used to love to do, even find the people in the donors life familiar, then perhaps all will be answered that day that science take that next step and clones a speaking, feeling human that can in turn tell us all the secrets.