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Finding yourself is hard to do, but it isn’t so much the destination but the travel that is important. As we grow we learn not just from books or our pears but also from the whole of the world around us. It is not always necessary to do the physical traveling but it helps to experience other cultures and the beauty of the world. A few generations back our only traveling was done in RV to the grand canon or to the east coast to see the in-laws.

With travel agencies on every block and great travel websites like Travelocity and cheap it is easy to see that we have little excuses these days not to take the time to live and be “worldly” a simple pass port and a spare $1,000 or 2 and there is very few places you can not go.

traveling the world can not be replaced with any other activity for learning. Seeing the world from your TV although educational is still too safe for the full effect and knowing every turn is your decision. Weather you choose to back pack across Scotland or stay at a 5 star in India http://WWW.PASSIONTOINDIA.COM there is always a cheaper way or discount travel in an off season. I want you to be the best possible you that you can be and traveling is on the top of my list of ways to reach spiritual enlightenment.

There is something so invaluable about  knowing  by touch, taste, and sight; to stand in the middle of an Egyptian market or watching the traffic and clutter of the streets of Mumbai. Watching children playing  kick ball in Italy or hearing the drunken merry in an Irish pub. You can imagine these experiences because of the television shows we grew up with but those are just glances compared to the life long memories that are created when you Feel the world through your own senses. So get that Pass Port, purchase travel insurance and reservations… It is time for you to be enlightens by the World.