Dealing With Loss and Trauma

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It is hard to look back on ones life and not wonder why me? Dealing with loss and trauma feels unbearable.

Often the world seems a little one-sided; so many have so little while other struggle for nothing in life only to have success fall in their laps.

It almost feels like someone is tipping the scales. Why are some born into greatness while others have to work so hard to achieve what little they do have?

It is ok to wonder why? Many religions say they have the answers to why but not many have the solution to how it is to be dealt with.

A psychic answer to this question is easy. And no I will not say have a faith, bare your cross or it is the fate or karma. But a simple phrase of “Everything happens for a reason” starts the explanation.

When I pondered my life it was difficult to accept all of its hardships and trials as having a reason or knowing that it was good for me. How could anyone profit from abusive relationships or being homeless?

But when I started looking at life in a different light, I stepped back, I could see that all those hardships strengthened me in ways that others remained weak.

I am like a polished sword, decorated and sharpened, ready to be called into battle. At first I was rough and was forged, thrown into the fire and then beaten, over and over, every blow to my being, compacts metal until I am the strongest I can be.

I hear the hammer on the anvil still and see the sparks that the dramas produced. And still more flames, as the fires are stoked glowing red I am plunged into the waters as the steam rises, the blacksmith admires his work and begins to drag me across the stone till the once dull blade is sharp.

I am tested to make sure I will not fail. I am straight, strong and smooth, a cold hard blade worthy of my task and placed in a case of reverence, until the day when I shall be a tool of righteousness in my Gods hands.

Those that are strong blades can withstand almost any pressure, while the ones that we spoke of earlier, the ones that had things so easy, will break and fail with even the slightest stress.

I once asked a friend, after she lost her job, what will you do? She simple said, “I will find another”. My friend was a single mother working and going to school. She had little but was proud what she had she earned.

That same week I read in the news about an executive in a large corporation jumping to his death because he was fired. I knew then that my friend was a sword that was strong and was able to cut through those difficulties because of her life being full of struggles.

Without the struggles she would have been week and broken like the businessman. From that day on I looked at life and my struggles with different eyes of appreciation for those horrid hard times.

Knowing that each trauma I live through is one more thing I know I need not fear…. This blade can take it.

So the next time you are frustrated with your life and feel depressed when things go wrong, try looking at a distance the true reality of the situation, you will live, and come out better than before, you will be that strong smooth glistening sword…

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