Enlightenment lesson #2

Lesson #2 is understanding yourself. Ask yourself how do I know to breath, how does my heart know to beat, the cells in my body…. do they know what they are supposed to be? Everything seems to work as a machine.


What goes in goes out everything that happens has an action and a reaction, there is always constant movement and purpose within this machine but on even the most basic level, the cellular level…..


There has to be a beginning, a start, a energy that makes the movements. A single cell knows and has memory of what it is to be, it breaths, eats, creates energy and expels waste…… but who tells it these things? How does that single cell in your body know and do? The answer is a simple one.

Spirit……. the soul is the catalist that starts and keeps the energy going. The soul……

Looking at the single cell with it’s knowledge, purpose and power. times the (50 trillion) cells that are in an adult human body. that power is endless.

Enlightenment lesson #1

First step to enlightenment is accepting a truth “I know nothing” you have to accept that everything you were taught and believe is WRONG, twisted, manipulated and conscrewed by society, religion, media, and everyone you have ever known or will know.
What you see, feel and hear is not what it is….. this is not a MATRIX thing but the concept of not living in the reality but being fooled by the reality is a close thought. Deep breath you are merely the ant on the leaf, not aware of the branch, the tree, the forest…. You do not see past the leaf. Now does that mean there is no branch, tree or forest? There is such a thing as faith that can be held on to while we do not understand those things that our small mainds can not grasp…… but why rely on faith when you can learn the truth.
So today think of all the things you do not understand, physics, complex math, computer programing, child birth…. think of all those empty answers to the questions you have and realize “I know nothing” this is lesson #1
Ok so it is confusing….. life is confusing. The point of emptying your mind of all those misinformation and misunderstandings is to help you to focus on what is known, not just what is told you. Religion, culture, society and media even government wants you to believe and follow what they say is real and has purpose because each have something to gain by your belief in “their way” and look how they all clash, no one agrees with one another. That it itself is CONFUSING. No…. you have to start by emptying your mind and opening your heart.
stand alone in this empty room that is your mind and prepare yourself…..