Taj Mahal Ghost

My trip to India was eye opening, meditation is not the same, and my first experience with non-English speaking ghosts. I was surprised that they would be so quick to respond to me, language is not a hurdle when using empath abilities along with clairvoyance. Feelings and pictures are the same (universal)

No one was allowed to take picture inside the Taj Mahal, and with good reason, out of respect with it being a burial place, but when I first stepped into the door way I felt her take hold of me as chills went down my spine and goose bumps stood hair on end…. I knew she was there. She followed me as the guide talked about the history. Why, when and who.

I had to stop him and tell him why I was really there (I had hoped to have religious connections with such old buildings of prayer)so I asked if he could please take one picture and I told him to face the crept. Here is what that single picture recorded.
I was standing just to the side out of the cameras vision and the woman is standing just right of a waist high marble barrier (you can see the top ridge of the barrier showing through the “Shadow Being”) do not let the fact that the figure is black give you the impression that the spirit is in any way evil… my feelings were that of curiosity.

She was very excited that I was there and she actually asked to come with me. I explained to her that her place was there and that although she was not welcome to follow me, she was not a prisoner and she could leave at any time. She gave me a feel that she needed to stay.

At the back of the Taj mahal I sat and watch the river, and while talking with my companion and my guide I saw 3 men ghosts (Hindu) still working, I could see where they worked and toiled before their deaths there at the Taj. They never spoke to me or asked permission to leave; they merely glanced at me and then talked to themselves on what needs working on.

I left the Taj physically but my heart is still with those workers and the very polite inquisitive lady of the Taj Mahal… may one day their souls rest. Umtil then they seem to have their work to do.