What is a Soul Mate? Not a Sex Mate?

I am sure some that read this might be under the impression that they know all there is to know about adult subjects.

Some might consider themselves experts on the subject of sexual education and I am sure that your lists of conquests might reflex some knowledge.

Everyone knows that the basics of pleasure and most all adult matters on the subject we were either taught in biology 101, health education or learn from older kids on the bus. Other information we picked up along the way.

Lets face it sex is kind of “in and out” literally.

A parent can talk until they are blue in the face, trying to explain “when a boy really loves a girl……” Express the importance of love in a sexual relationship will mean nothing to someone that has not known the true effect that having feelings and attachment does have on sexual encounters.

Teen agers driven by hormones, grown men asserting their masculinity, and women feeling alone tend to look at sex as the answer to all. In truth, although the physical feeling is pleasurable, it is the closeness that has the most desire.

So many people are told that the act is dirty, bad, and shameful. In most cultures sin is under interpretation and mostly emphasized to ensure proof of paternity when children are produced.

In the same religious documents that put restrictions on desire there is equal time given providing sexual fulfillment “Imta” and worship through giving “Sadaga” in Islam. “Tantra”; an extension of knowledge in the Hindu teachings.

So many people are worried about std’s or pregnancy and true those are real concerns especially in society today with rise in teenage pregnancy and aids. But there is another exchange that happens in intercourse that is not talked about. There is more then bodily fluids that are shared.

In the highest moment the spirit reaches out to the other, intermingling and sharing of it’s self. You accept it into yourself and take it with you after the physical encounter and like wise a piece of you also goes with them.

Ever wonder why the next day you either feel the loss or can acknowledge a sense of fulfillment depending on if it is a positive or negative experience?

Each partner that is taken is a moment of exchange on a spiritual level and when there are too many partners in anyone persons life the soul becomes diminished and weakened, the real warning comes to those that commit sexual crimes like rape and child molesters, addiction to porn and prostitution…..

These are negative encounters that are one sided and karmicly damaging to not just the individual victimized but also corrupts the soul of the individual excepting this life choice. It creates a kind of point of no return, in which the people that acts on their fantasies is scared by the act and can not recover to the persons they once were.

Ever look at a person and you just can tell they seem spent,”that person has nothing left to give”?

The need to be very choosy in the partners you pick is the difference between hurting the growth of your soul and making the spirit flourish. It is important to ensure that the encounters are positive exchanges..

Of course the ideal situation is to save yourself for the one you will spend your whole life with. The learning, and sharing will always be positive and emotionally fulfilling.

Understanding that intercourse is more then body parts and euphoric feelings but people, emotions, expectations and dreams helps for you as a person to look beyond the physical and experience.

More then the pleasures received on earth, these are moments that should be shared with  a soul mate, someone that is your EMOTIONAL and spiritual equal so that your spirits can merge safely without loss.

Anything less is selfish child’s play

Encounters with others either in platonic friendship or flirting with thoughts of more are supposed to be learning experiences.

The flip of the hair or a soul freezing glance can make the heart beat and the mind wonder but more intimate exchange is a tool to reach a spiritual connection not meant to be broken, cosmic high for adults only, play responsibly..

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