Magic Candles aka Spell Candles

Types of candles are really not as important as the thought behind them. It is your thoughts and efforts that put forth magic. 

Spell candles are basically used to help you get into the magic spirit; it is a simple inexpensive way to get the ambiance needed to “feel the force” so to speak.

  • Votive candles are the small inch to 2 inch candles they are especially good for alter work or placing inside of vessels or bowls.
  • Tapper candles come in slow burn and real wax, the real wax is often preferred because a wax reading that can be done with the wax that falls. You can get special wax pans at any Wicca wholesaler but in a pinch of course you can use pie pans. Note: paper plates do not work
  • Jar candles are great, you can make your own very easily and they are easier to reuse. Smells are not essential but I have found some fragrances quite soothing so why not intermingle aromatherapy with devotations and spells?


White= is purity, promotes peace and sincerity used for healing bone ailments and milk production

Yellow= is movement and energy also wisdom and learning great for skin and stomach complaints

Orange= promotes strength authority and self esteem it is used mostly for coughs and cold also breathing problems like asthma.

Gold= stimulates the 6th sense and also helps with financial issues.

Pink or Rose= is of course love and emotions that create friendship and nurturing bonds and stops depression and anxiety.

Red = is lusty and powerful with a sign of life, birth and death. Mostly used as a defensive spell of protection

Purple= is a vibrant color inspiring success and psychic power, it helps with allergies and sleep problems

Magenta= works on an immediate spiritual plain, creates a quick result in desperate issues.

Brown= is of the earth and represents things that promote stability, study, financial and concentration.

Indigo= is positive and protecting it cleanses the soul especially when it comes to mental disorders

Blue= sooths and relaxes so is great for high blood pleasure, insomnia and stress

Green= is luck, ambition and success helps with financial and fertility problems

Gray or silver= is a reflection of the soul, help in meditation to better center your psychic power.

Black= even though taught to be a negative color is the most positive. used to banish evil, protect and support you.

A great place to get candles  is found here both for personal use and sell your own