No Strings Attached

I know it is hard being alone, not wanting to settle for a person less then what you want, but loneliness can be unbearable and meeting new people is hard. Spending your empty time cruising the strip, hanging out at bars and fretting over yet another blind date, seems a waste of time.

We are all human and we have needs, this knowledge help to explain how some might rather have a mutual understand of sorts between trusted friends. A logical solving of a timeless affliction. sexual frustration has caused desperate drunken hookup and unsafe one night stands, people to marry the wrong person and created a world full of child support.

In today’s more open society it is no wonder we haven’t thought of this before. It saves on hurt feeling, removes that whole “I wonder why he didn’t call?” and saves on many many a cars paint jobs. Put away those sharp keys and get a “special friend” or “friends with benefits” but be careful this is an adult game with adult rules.

Your agreement is to have sexual relations without commitment or imply ownership. You are not in control here and you have no say over your part time partners behavior away from the time you spend together. No jealousy, no complaints, and no pressure. It is an agreement for the sole purpose of helping each other out in times of “need”.

Make sure boundaries are well marked and beyond any other rule…. no emotions need be involved.

But remember that along with sharing a bed for a moment you are sharing yourself, with picking one individual you trust and have already known well enough to be friends with. You are at least spreading a little less of yourself spiritually but with focusing your interest on one person you tend to become emotionally attached subconsciously.

the movie “no strings attached” plays on the reality of the situation and the comedy that no matter how well we lay plans. they we have no control of our emotions, especially “love”.

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