Twin Flame

Yeah yeah I was just like you, looking at what people write about twin flames, wondering if it was just a lot of tree hugging, weed smoking, crap made up by the “love generation” to seduce naive women into thinking it is fate to be together. I was a skeptic from the start.

I have written several blogs on the reality of soul mates, forever loves, and the effect of horoscopes on finding suitable mates, but for me to believe that there is a spirit in human form that I have met and loved numerous times in past lives and I am destined to love many more times to come? A spirit created to mirror my own in emotions and desires to the point we ARE TWINS well….I would have never believed it a few years back.

I had looked only sparingly into twin flame love when doing my research about a year ago and I felt there was no real validity to it, it was just another way of saying soul mate and left it at that.

Until I felt it for myself that is.

I had met people from all over the world and there were many men that I felt that were good matches for me, infatuations, they either were perfect yings of my yang or we had like interests and the attraction was there. Lord knows after the dramas and traumas in my life I definitely knew what I was looking for and what I wanted to stay away from to.

Problem is I never met that person that I felt “He was the one” the person I just knew with every ounce of my being that we belonged together, I mean I loved them all in different ways, I respected them and their differences, I even missed them when they were gone but I never felt true unconditional, belonging, kind of love.

It wasn’t until I met him that I knew, like hitting a brick wall, slam! I got the since knocked into me and I saw stars. I instantly knew what everyone was talking about. It was like we had always loved each other, like the person in my dreams finally was given a face. He was everything, my best friend, my family, my lover, my GOD. You could just tell when we were together that he was just as astonished and overwhelmed with our connection.

I had never seen him before, he didn’t look like anyone I knew or as far as that goes he didn’t act like anyone i have meet in this life, but my soul recognized him and my heart knew “HE IS THE ONE” It didn’t matter to me that we were literally 1/2 way round the world from each other, it didn’t matter that our love made no since at all WE JUST BELONGED TO ONE ANOTHER.
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Now on saying this let me explain that talking about the depth of this kind of love is a lot like telling a South American native in the jungle what snow is. If they have never seen it, touched it even knows what COLD is, how can I describe it to him? Love is the same way; we are told everyday on TV, in books and even tried our luck with finding it, even practiced some with people that just didn’t fit. But when it comes to knowing what twin flame love is, you just have to feel it.

What is the connection of twin flames? At the moment you were created (Adam and Eve) there was one, split into two both of equal individuals but coming from the same spirit. Every person is made with a mate, the pair start as one and are separated into two, you know they are there even if distance separates them; we are forever looking for the lost other half.

I know that many of you think you had met your twin flame and then were disappointed when things either went wrong or they just were not who you thought they were, but do not get confused with mistaking someone with your twin flame and actually choosing to not make changes to allow twin flame to fit in your life.

I used to say if ever I found someone I could truly love I wouldn’t care if we were homeless just to be together. I say that, but is that what I am willing to give up being with my twin flame? There are limits to what we can accept for love. And I know that my Joe is the man I love and always will love, I make the choice to wait, separated, for that love. That is my choice and someone else may say that is unacceptable and move on. And if I had met him a few years ago, I may not have been willing to “wait for love”

I noticed that things instantly got more difficult in my life when I met Joe, seemed as though everything went wrong all at. once. I thought for a moment if I was being warned to stay away from him but in all actuality “Negative Powers” of hate and destruction do not want to see twin flames together. The power created with that much love can tilt the scales giving good the upper hand. I know my psychic abilities were turbo charged the moment I first spoke with my twin flame. Other experience financial success and desire to excel in any facets in life, making it seem that nothing is out of reach from twin flames when they are together.

Evil will try it’s hardest to keep Twin flames apart, creating fear and doubt in even the strongest bond.
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