Exorcism, cleansing and smudging


I grouped all three of these types or spirit removal for a reason; most of the questions I get are how does it work? Does the religion make a difference? and Does language make a difference? I think this blog will better answer all of the above and more.

First I would like to begin by implying a personal belief. I have always said and always will say that being a person in the flesh does not make us all knowing or righteous in any way, nor does it give us the ability to pick and choose who or what has the right of way in this world. It might give us curtain rights according to earthly living standards but we are in a disadvantage against the dead, on the grounds that they know better than us from firsthand experience what the other side is and why they remain here.

Now on saying that, I place you in the position of judge as to when you deem it necessary to remove spirit, pick your fights wisely. My motto is a simple one: Do not fix what is not broken, if there is no hurt being done, than welcome the activity as an acknowledgment that life after death does continue, say hi, enjoy experiencing what others only dream of.

Demons are my only exception to this rule (they have no rights here, ever)

The concept of removal of disembodied spirits or ghosts from a residence, cleansing or smudging is usually not necessary but on an occasion it is needed. Most people grab a bible or holy book and start rattling off scripture and don’t get me wrong, it works but…. why? Well I will tell you right now that it is not the Bible, any holy book or words that remove the spirits. It is your “Empowered Soul”.

Let me explain. When a person, Christian, Islam, Judaism, Hindu or native is removing a spirit they are putting themselves in a position of authority, they are “on the attack” the words bring the soul the strength to stand and proclaim territory. A good example is when you visit a foreign country, you don’t know the language or customs, but if someone in an angry tone is coming at you speaking loud, waving a fist, you might not feel welcome; you might take that time to question whether you should stay.

It is the feelings and emotions that flow from this side to the other side… If you are feeling frightened and meek no amount of words is going to imply you want them out. But reading words that bring you strength can create in you a mighty warrior. A warrior that can easily direct and manipulate. When you say “GO” “Be GONE” they will feel the emotions and know to leave, little side note (some are a bit hard headed and return, thinking you might change your mind, so be consistent)

To recap….. Burn those candles, light up the sage or break out the biblical text, use the tools you feel most comfortable to get revved up for the war. This is your space, your life, your time. Now “Charge!”


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