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Too many times I am asked “How do I find the right man?” or “How do I know she is the one for me?” The problem is everyone seems to still be believing that it is merely about (find your love) when it is all about becoming able to accept true love.

Being an artist it is easy to picture this analogy…. mixing colors as I go through the painting process, adding as I go. This blog is for the artist in each of you.

We are all born a white canvas… as we experience life splashes of color is added, if you have a good childhood, or had a bad childhood, when you loved, how you were hurt… we either accept what people have decorated on us or we decorate ourselves.

Slowly but surely there is no more white, some change color drastically through time others change very little. When once you were a soft pink, with dots of gold, as you experience heart ache, and trials, accomplishments and achieve goals, you change; you might change so much so that there is little left of your softness and dreamy nature.

As we change so do others…. The mate that is for you…. right now as we speak is changing their colors and collecting their designs. If you meet them right now on this day, you would look them over and disregardĀ  as “not my style”, you would see that you clash in every way. (a green next to a purple!)

When we are content in who we are and what we are… When we are finished decorating and being decorated we can say “I am ready to compliment what I am with someone else” then when you look around and see a person that fits who you are, and they sees you fit who they are. No more “looking for love” It was there all along, Well, there is no question “do we belong together?”

Your eyes are opened to the way you complement each other completely and MOST important thing is that from that point on, you can trust in the fact that there is not that much change left and if there is change it is done together, so in 10 years they still match you.

There are exemptions to this rule. Some people do not change much or can change to match other people in those cases high school sweet hearts can remain married, women can give up their dreams and personality to meet their families needs and be semi-happy. But do not hold your breath.

Better you do what you are supposed to be doing. BE YOU, design, decorate, educate, experience, mix those colors until you are just the right shade you that you need to be to match that future mate, and somewhere out there….your “true love” is doing the same.

Sometimes all we need is boost of excitement and quick look at the future to keep us going .. faith is hard to come by but be assured your true love is out there, get a reading from me and see just how close.

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