Enlightenment lesson #3

God is a personification of what we can’t answer and or don’t know. Yes or no? How about yes and no (big smile) God may very well be the answer to those questions we do not know the answers to. It is easier to just say God did it, God created it and God “says so”

Our minds are so small, so focused on this life and this purpose, we are bomb barded by what we see hear taste and feel that we barely have the time to wonder about those questions to the universe let alone take the time to actually find the answers. It is just easier to not ask “why?” it is easier to take others words on it. The church said God is The Father, Son and Holy Ghost, The Temple said God came here in many forms to save us from ourselves, and yes God spoke through people that are profits and we must believe them in order to go to heaven, or reincarnate, or ect ect ect. I am not here to tell you that those stories are not true! My purpose is not to tell you that any one religion is right or wrong, In the contrary I can stand here and tell you that they are ALL true.

If I start walking I can get to where I am going, it might take longer, and I might stop along the way to rest, take a turn down paths others would not have chosen to go but I will still get there. The choices that I make would not be the same as another, through culture, though education, life experience and upbringing, my choices are completely mine. I see the world differently than anyone, which is what makes me…… me. Praying to God and talking to God, connection to God, Energy, Spirit, Powers that Be is an individual thing, you can say that you follow a curtain religion but let’s face it. When you are talking with God, it is just you and Him… or her.

Because there can be no proof that actual events did or did not happen exactly the way we are told in religious text, we have no guarantees that the religious documents have not lost their means behind translation or time. It is not important to have proof. It is faith that connects us. I do not need to accept that God has 6 arms. I do not have to believe that God sit upon a cloud nude, grey and bearded. Or that he is The Sun, The Moon….. It is important to view God as timeless, without boarders and limits, which God is beyond our understanding and consciousness. The stories in all religions tell us the same. Culturally each uses different way to do it. But what you get out of them all are the same, these religions are here to help answer what our minds just simply cannot grasp.

Remember not that long in our history we were told that illness was caused by the Devil, that if you left your mouth open too long as in preparing to sneeze that the Devil would have the opportunity to enter your body. That is where “bless you” originally comes from, the long version was “may god bless you in this time of weakness where the devil may inhabit your soul” slowing we are of course seeing that science has saved us from many of our own superstitions. But Science has to be able to measure, have facts, study the physical and when we are talking about GOD and spirit they have yet to measure, track or prove. Does that make it not true or just not proven YET? I always like to tell people that gravity cannot be seen and until science was able to measure and prove its existence did that mean it just wasn’t?

I talked about being an ant on a leaf… and how the ant cannot see the branch or the tree or the forest but does that really mean that those things don’t exist? Does that ant understand photosynthesis or the seasons, does he know that all is of the earth, water, air and fire. Does the ant believe in God? We are so small minded, so unconnected and ignorant to so much that goes on around us, how can you dare to say that you can prove that there is no God by having no proof.

Lesson #3 was for you to acknowledge that there so much that has been learned but we know so little….. there is so much that we just simply don’t need to have proof of. It is called “Faith”


Reincarnation is defined as rebirth of a soul that transmigrate from one life to a new life. It is not a new way of answering the question “where did we come from?” but in western civilization not so popular one.

Hinduism reincarnation and Buddhism reincarnation is the basis of their religion. The faith focusing on doing the best they can in hopes to reincarnate to a better life and eventually true wisdom and heaven. Even Islam and Christianity have their sects that promote the view of reincarnation, along with the native religions of Australia and North America.

Most people that have not been born into a religion that believes in reincarnation do not feel a need to change views on life and heaven. Rebirth is impossible to scientifically prove. But meet any person that is touched by a child expressing their certainty of living before and there is no need for scientific proof.

I had never given much thought about reincarnation; I was just as confused as anyone else as to why bad things happened to some while others lived almost perfect lives. Neither following the rules of being good will you be rewarded. My twins were born in 1999 and other then being a little advanced in their cornerstones they seems completely normal children.

One morning 4 year old Arron told Anthony out of the blue “I am glad we are brothers this time” Over hearing the conversation I listened closer, not quite sure I had heard him correctly. “Yeah it was good to be friends but now we are always together” I went into the room and asked what they were talking about and their explanation was simple.

“Before when we were all grown up” they were best friends, Anthony a Lawyer much older and Arron a police officer. Anthony had died only a few years before Arron of a heart problems and Arron died off duty trying to stop a convenience store robbery, Anthony had told me all about their close friend ship and how they had promised that next time they would be brothers. They couldn’t say exactly where or when they lived but knew it was in the United States and they were White men….My twins are Black/white mixed.

Confused, and left wondering if I was the only one that had heard a child talk like this, I went directly to the library and after days and piles of books I stood in front of the twins with all kinds of questions. With their limited vocabulary they couldn’t explain much, mostly bits a pieces of their friendship, no words of enlightenment, sights of heaven. or past lives. My only encouragement was them saying that I should know this stuff “You have done it to!”

They held on to their story even into kindergarten where their teacher felt concerned that I was “Teaching “ my children reincarnation,, and in turned conveyed my concern for her lack of religious tolerance. I told her to be reassured that “I” am not the one teaching my children reincarnation, “They taught me”.

Ten years later the boys no longer remember those conversations or the lives they lived before. I watch them grow and see their personalities mimic there past lives, Anthony’s need to win an argument and acting of authority while Arron’s protective nature and adventurous streak.

Paying closer attention to my Life and the way I react to things, jobs, school and relationships give hints to my past lives. I do not claim to give past life readings, there are people that are much more qualified then I, but I have come to realize my own past lives. My love for art, my ability to easily learn Egyptian Arabic, The fact that I have worked, owned, and excelled in 4 completely different lines of work.

The reincarnated soul may not have a conscious memory of rebirth, but glimpses of our pasts lives can be seen in our early years and the memory fades only as our currant life experiences fill our conscious.

Pay attention to the way you think, your unrealistic dreams and odd talents…. Like a looking glass spy into your own past lives.

If you are having difficulty transitioning into this life and letting go of the past. I can help to guild you, just follow the props in the (psychic reading) tab