Psychic Meditation – Take a Deep breath?

Psychic meditation like yoga, hypnosis and etc has many uses, anything from dealing with physical pain to channeling ones mental energy to be a better tarot card reader. psychic meditation

[ad]Many individuals do these meditations without even knowing, a simple moment of silence to calm ones nerves is a form of meditation. And on the other end of the spectrum complete metaphysical travel can be achieved through extreme meditation.

The phrase clear your mind is not just a cute saying. In meditation it is the beginning and center. This step is the most important because while so many thoughts may seem important in any given day and your focus on issues get you through life.

Problems backed up, unresolved issues, unfinished tasks are some of the culprits that get in the way of focus and true full attention.

Before starting pick a subject and focus, “what is it that you need to improve upon.” All other issues should be at least temporarily set on a back burner.

*So for example: I chose meditation to clear my mind to better focus on my intuitive power I would start my meditation with forgetting all else, nothing has my attention but my own intuition.

*Body position: popular demand of yoga is the sitting on a floor, cross legged position, but body position is not important, lay down, sit on the floor, or at a desk, just as long as the place is quiet, safe, comfortable, and you are alone.

*Clear your mind: this can be done with many different methods, the keys is picking a scene that best fits your personality. Painting a canvas, pouring water, cleaning a window, even brushing hair, you can get creative with this.

I am an artist so my scene is a canvas that I paint white. I picture the paint brush, the can of paint, the canvas on the isle. My hand dips the brush in the can of paint, whipping the excess back against the rim of the can, and paint the canvas one stroke at a time.

The canvas is my mind and when I am done my mind is blank, ready to create and focus.

During this action you are not aware, but your breathing will slow, blood pressure stabilizes and heart rate steady.

Be positive when meditating, and constructive with your thoughts. Remember what your goal is, to create a sense of oneness with yourself.

You can not control your surroundings without first controlling your self. When you are sure that your mind is clear, you can start to focus on the issue at hand.

*Listening: A clear mind is not always an open one so you also must work on trying to follow your minds prompts.

Pay attention to the pictures that pop into your mind during meditation, ask real questions and be willing to hear and take into consideration the answers.

You do not have to act on what you learn in meditation but sometimes seeing for yourself the options helps you later see the real path to take.

An easy example: a woman looses her house in a fire and can no longer rest in her house dreading a possible fire again.

She takes time each day meditating before bed, going through the escape route out of the house incase of another fire, asking if she misses anything on her mental check list.

When she is comfortable with the fact that she is as prepared as humanly possible, her fears of a house fire, dissipates.

Don’t be afraid to get flaky either, play some soothing instrumentals, burn a few candles, or lower the lights. It is about being comfortable and being you.

This is your time to better yourself. It takes time till “being meditative” becomes second nature to you but trust me the rewards are absolutely worth the efforts! – Enjoy and be enlightened.

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