Finding Online Psychic – Essential Guildlines to Prevent a RipOff

Feeling lost for direction and thinking where can I find an on-line psychic?

Well they are everywhere but a simple word search will not insure that the medium you find will be a good example of the psychic community.

In truth a lot of the businesses advertising psychic readings, tarot, and fortune telling are merely selling you “the emperor’s new cloths”

Guild lines to finding a good online psychic :

1. You need to pull back the curtain on the wizard of Oz and see them in a real light. Ask for real names, Google the name. Ask questions !

2. Do not be sucked in by flattery, or sugar coating. Sales are their job and you are often just a paycheck. If it appears to be too good to be true, it is.

3. Be willing to see a reading as entertainment at first. Never spend more then you would on a night out. If the reading is correct and you wish to return to the same psychic make sure and note their name and extension and do not be afraid to tell the reader that they did a good job.

4. One of the things that is the tell tail sign of a fraud is mentioning curses… To many so called psychics will tell you that you have a curse as the reason for troubles or difficulties and if ever you want to have a normal life you must pay $500 sometimes $5,000 and people pay this money. At the first mention of “curses” walk away. THERE ARE NO CURSES that can placed upon you….

It is true that there are a lot of individuals that do a great job and are a real asset to the psychic world. Many are extraordinary, but it is “the bad apples” that makes the barrel stink and I have little sympathy for frauds.

There is little that the psychic community can do, so please watch out for the wolves.

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