How can I tell if I am psychic?


Being psychic is actually not as easy as you would think even though there are definite guild lines to go by to achieve a sense of oneness with ones surroundings, and really that is all it takes.
To be aware of the people, places, things and sources of energies that makes the world move.

Start by asking yourself these questions

1. Am I a religious person? Do I have a good commentary with God?

2. Do your friends and family see you as a person that they can go to for advice or venting?

3. Do you feel comfortable listening to others problems? And do you often feel like if you were in that situation you would do things differently?

4. When things happen do you have a sense of peace while others are sucked into the emotions of the moment?

5. When you were a child, did you ever have thoughts of great purpose?

6. Do you often day dream of things that haven’t happened?

7. Have you had invisible friends as a child?

8. Have you ever heard voices? Or asked your self a question only to answer also?

9. When you close your eyes do the pictures in your mind seem to come true? Or disavow?

10. And do you often say the same thing as friend at the same time? Or think of a person and they soon call?

These are just a few of the tail tell signs of psychic ability.