Prediction 2011

how to find your soulmatePsychic predictions are not a science and as much as I would like to say I have complete control of this gift “I DO NOT” so my apologies for not doing this blog on the 1st of the year. But better late then never.

My prediction for the new year is a little different then past years and I myself was surprised by the reading….

In the financial world the US has steady growth as in years past but at a price… we are spending the first of this 2011 repairing bridges in a BIG WAY. Only in our political repairs can we begin to financially repair. I don’t see us in a begging position but we will have to swallow some pride.

US partners with some unlikely bed fellows…. a surprising attraction to the middle east and opening up to trade along with borders. China might as well put the wall back in business, they become self sufficient and bypass all other countries in wealth… that being one of the reasons we stay friends of convenience.

Wars continue

New laws are set into motion against predigest caused by national origin.  America becomes a little less safe as we fight over scraps.

By the end of 2011 and into 2012 the upheavals settle just long enough to think of new change. and a kind of beautification… basically cleaning up the mess and fixing what was neglected…. these predictions go beyond the country as a whole but on an individual level, and the wealth trickles down to the everyday man, creating a more comforting life.

Well financially comforting but Mother Nature has other things on her mind then our comfort as the weather warms up in colder climates and drops in the tropical world… the only steady reliable weather is desert, too bad the worlds crops are not grown there b/c the poor farmers are going to have it rough.

Red cross in the US gets a well deserved break but by October Earthquakes/Volcanoes make up for the rest and push donation drives.

Don’t worry it will all be paid for. Taxes will seem a little high but is considered a small price to pay for employment….  also keep receipts for everything… I see a break introduced for next year.

Invest in things we already have control of… spending efforts in recycling and green energies.  These efforts expand jobs and raise spirits. When America sneezes the whole world gets a cold, but when the US is smiling the whole world jumps for joy….

Start your year off right by filling those taxes on time. My Psychic prediction for 2011 is every penny counts so use turbotax