Path to God – Spiritual Enlightenment

Worship is a concept that is universal. Religion differs from continent to continent, area, region, country, race and culture. The importance stems from belonging in society to having faith to hold on to in times of need. Religion is both a war starter and a peace maker.

So many beliefs, values and traditions, policies, laws and commandments; and few differ in concepts or vary in their goals from another but still lines are clearly drawn.

I had once wondered what if I had followed the “wrong” religion, so many organized religions preach that only by following the teachings of Jesus, Moses, Mohamed, or other deities can a person be granted entrance to heaven, but who is right? I had long conversations with and many years contemplating true divinity and came to an epiphany.

Every religion in every country serves a purpose. Depending on the cultural connection reflects their views of God and the rules deemed necessary to control the masses. Western civilization has a deeper connection to a Christian God and the holy family in their eyes reflects a belief system easily followed.

Islam, Judaism, etc. reflects the needs of the region. Hindu sympathizes with other deities and religions such as Rastafarian, Native American, Aborigines and Wicca all hold tight to their cultural influenced religions.

They seem to picture a higher power as the “Creator” but there eyes see him in a different light then their neighbor. But is how you visualize the seen but “unseen” God truly that important?

Perhaps God is the same person, the same entity; it is just our own eye sight that is different? Maybe sitting in heaven is One God called by different names and answering to all? Really isn’t it more important to see what religion does to transform an individual and as long as it serves a constructive purpose it is a good thing?

If God is my creator, guild and He or she loves me as his child and I choose a path to enlightenment, peace and spiritual growth, who cares what path that is as long as it works best for me and others are not hurt in the process? If the end result is heaven?

Would a mother care the path a lost son takes to get him home again when he stands before her? What say ya ?