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By Ahsan zahid on  Fri July the 1st 2011


Before I start explaining your palm lines to you and explain other important marks of your hand. I would like to say that this part of your  life is a transitional period.

As there are many new lines are coming up in your hand, which show new ideas, new plans but still there is a lot of confusion. A lot of problems have been created in past by people of male gender and in future as well. You need to be carefull.

Somehow the influence of these men is not so good in your life. Obstacles have been created by them emotionally, financially but on the top, your health was adversely effected by them. Unluckily still your health is a thing on which you need to keep an eye. When I say health this means health of your HEART. Physically, sexually ,brain +ENT ARE Good. But the week part of your body is heart.

Another important factor is that you changed your life a lot with your efforts and learning. By birth you are more artistic and having healthy imagination that can make you a complete poet, extremely romantic and erotic writer. Work of fantasy and fiction would be majors. But after looking at your right hand (pic 032) I felt that

This is best combination could be on the hand of a writer or artist. Right hands brain line show that you are extremely practical, do complete planning have deep insight on the issues+ high IQ level, excellent memory. Any field of art  or management of art would be very suitable for you. Any kind of management & admin work +HR would be good.

After looking the last part of your brain line it looks. That is has been recently (last 3,4 years) developed. That shows strict learning about

Life and  trying to understand a deeper meaning of life.

As I know that you are ambitious person. But if I look the early age of your life, I do not see this. To me it looks more that you were afraid, timid and not so confident in early years unless you came out starting living your life.

Now lets talk about your financial life. I feel that things were really good uptill 28.29. But after that things are just ON but no such elevation financially.

But the good news is a new line is developing from 38.39 which will give you fame

Easy money and good life. As I said earlier in that new lines are forming so this is one of them. Still this line is in bits and pieces but with next 1 year onwards I expect this line to join and become unified and start giving the results. Another good news is, that this line is not been stopped by any of opposition lines (men) or others.

There are some other very good  lines are forming in your hands.which show fame in the field of art,but as these symptoms just started to form in your hand ( a year or so) And they are forming around age of 45 onwards. So keep your fingers cross

Emotional life. Well your very idealistic in love ,take the other person always whom you love as an angel but when you see his human traits that hurts you emotionally. Idealism in love and too much expectation ruined your emotional life. Sex life….. This is something which is so important for you as breathing.

Sexually your are very strong, love to have big family.

THERE are couple of positive influence lines from the male side have been created. And they will give you emotional and mental relaxation in your life for 2,3 years in your life.

Some very small journey is expected as well  over seas.

Your left hand says that you love to travel an will move very far away from your birth place but on the active hand line is on normal position that shows DREAM DIDN’T come TRUE. And somehow you are been bounded by circumstances.

Over here I will conclude my readings, any questions are most welcome.

Final words which I should say. That the worst part of the life is about to over

But still there is some negativity which will end soon. And you will rise with new. Passion and vigour.

Ahsan Zahid
July 1 2011

Palm Reading

No two palm lines are alike, no fingerprint exact and no personality is the same in all of the 6 billion people in the world. The realization is staggering.

In palmistry, a reader looks at a number of factors to asses the personality, look into the past, the present, and only after you are comfortable in the information given, does a person trust the palmists views of the future.

Palm reading guide an individual through a world of enlightenment and purpose that you have never known was there and through an experts eyes you will be counseled into a better path or reassure you are doing exactly what you were meant to do.

Ahsan Zahid…. Has been readings palms for 10 years and has traveled the world honing his skills to better assist you with your problems and hurdles, through palm reading.

It takes years to learn how to read palms with every line, every print and shape having meaning to who a person is, what they have done and what they will do.  Ahsan knows, so let him tell you what you need to know about your future.

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