The life of a Mother feels like balancing on a circus ball. We are subject to maintaining others schedules without much concern of our own. I do not know how many times I had forgotten to eat, wondered if I had even remembered to brush my teeth? Or bath?…. My point is that we spend so much time on the balancing act that we forget the world around us.

If you are anything at all like me your days are booked up for the season, soccer practices, getting the car serviced, parent teacher meetings, Dr. appointments and not to mention your husband’s gatherings for his work. I also push the envelope a bit more and stuff in my own school and a second job of 30 to 40 hours a week.

We are the house maids, nurse maids and our husbands french maids. We are the unpaid taxi and teachers, we are so many things and in the end…. Moms are everyones friend.

With a 2 year old and 12 year old twins I try to make the time spent at home at least memorable and sometimes the house work gets long forgotten to do that. I am not afraid to say that I prioritize my life to help pull off this balancing trick. Laundry and dishes tend to lose every time and more often than not cold sandwich night is a weekly thing and take out although less healthy it is less stressful.

I never claimed to be a perfect mom, Lord knows I am far from Martha Stewart but I am pretty successful at the circus ring we call life. I always seem to manage time to meditate in the mornings and evening. I always check my mails on my breaks and talk with friends now and again. So this is not an impossible thing. But It is a mother’s special gift to juggle all that life expects from us… being mothers, well that is the greatness of this show….