The Full Moon and it’s effects


The Moon’s gravitational pull on the earth controls the world’s tides. It is a constant in history reliable enough to be the calendar of cultures around the world, and used to predict horoscopes,and is a tool used in farmers almanacs. Women’s­ cycle follows the moon’s cycle. It inspires fantasy and fiction as far back as stories told. It challenged scholars and science until we had to touch it to prove it was real.

The moon is so much to so many, no wonder she is worshiped and named a god by people around the world.

Greek Selene and then Roman or Luna (moon in Latin) Is the Goddess of the moon also Artemis and Diana are both referred to at some point as gods of the moon.

Pre-Islamic Allah was the name of Arabic Moon God

Coyolxauhqui the Aztec Goddess

Heng-O Is the mother of the moons

Khons the Egyptian moon God which also other gods were named as Goddess and Gods of the moon, Osiris, Min, Thoth to name a few

Maou an African Goddess

Soma an Indian/Hindu God of the Moon

Tsuki-Yomi A Shinto/Japanese God

And the list goes on, but more than who worships the Moon, we need to know why, surely it had something to do with the beautiful glow in a dark night sky. There is more to this story though.

Since long long ago I have been Moon Queen, I started reading tarot under my email For longer than I can remember, I always had a connection with the moon.

 My fondest memory was when my father took us kids to the planetarium (he was friends with the man that ran it) so late at night we watched my lovely moon through a huge telescope for as love as I desired. I never understood why when I looked at her I felt such love and strength move through my body. I hadn’t realized than, but I do now…..

 The Moon fuels my soul with added light. Being psychic I become stronger, more focused and empowered spiritually. She is not the root of my power but like that telescope I used to watcher her more closely, The Moon magnifies “The Powers That Be” and brings ME CLOSER TO THEM.

For the normal person not effected by psychic powers there is a different effect

Ever wonder why there his always more domestic violence, emergency patience, and police calls during a full moon? Any one working in a mental hospital or nursing home will tell you. “It gets wild on full moon nights”

No it is not the werewolf in us…… It is the water in us. Remember the pull on the oceans? The human body is 50%- 75% water and even though the tides flow is large because the oceans are mighty, the effects on the human body are minuet but enough that a mind easily manipulated will feel different and react.

In the morning you might drink coffee and your day ruined because for some reason you didn’t get your coffee, or someone cut you off on the way to work, in turn you spend the day arguing with colleagues. It is the small things that effect your mind set, a cold, a hang nail, even a bad hair day. A simple mind is corrupted simply. You can see how some people might not trust their behaviors on those nights, why people feel a need to stay in, how people would feel a monster in them grow at the sight of the moon. Upon knowing the facts of why, you can better judge your reactions on the day and night of a full moon…but relax this to shall pass.

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