FREE Spells for Money That Work Magic !

free money spells that work like magicHow do I get some money?

“Write a note and I don’t mean this is a stick up”

Are you having money troubles? Many people are turning to the spirits than financial advisors.

Money spells or money blessing have been believed to be given to individuals throughout history, eastern culture alone has relied on feng shui to give blessings and create flow worthy of wealth and happiness.

New age powers of the paranormal are not so “new” but rather a rebirth of an old culture. Psychics have long been what people went to for direction in all maters for longer than people went to banks for loans.

Before the printing of money, Shaman, witchdoctors and see Sayers told the searchers of happiness what to do to achieve wealth.

Will a green piece of paper hanging on the wall help a person receive money? Or help them to think of ways they can achieve their monetary goals.

Will repeating a positive statement guarantee success? Or guarantee complete failure to be what you spent your life preparing for.

Will a percentage of your income guarantee that you will be better than the Jones by fall.

Chances are, No – without action there is no reaction, without giving of yourself to fix your problem there is nothing that can help you lift your head among your pears.

But asking for help to be better worthy of blessings is all it takes.

The green paper will remind us our goals, The burning of a gold candle offer a commitment to our desire and a tied show ourselves giving is a necessary part of accepting.

Here are some free money spells that work to solve money problems.

  • Lavender Money Spell

money spell is made by placing in a bag seven pieces of money,
each different, penny, nickel, dime, quarter, a half dollar, $1.00 bill,
and $5.00 bill, all of which are sprinkled liberally with lavender.

Take the bag with you for seven days and your money should multiply seven times or, in some instances if the gods are smiling in your direction, seven times seven!

This would result in a tidy sum of $338.50 usually the amount will come in a banking “mistake” or a bill mysteriously paid for without money taken from you.

  • A Quick Money Spell

Take a green candle and anoint it with cinnamon. Take the bill or write on a piece of paper the amount of a bill you owe and who it is to. You will need a candle that can burn for 7 days.

Place the paper under the candle. Hold your hands over the candle and say…

“This candle burns to light the way
for the money I need to pay this bill
in a way that harms no one.”

Visualize your self writing the check or purchasing the money order for this bill and putting it in the mail. Burn the candle every day around the same
time for 7 days and 15 minutes at a time.

On the last day, burn the paper with the flame from the candle and let the candle burn completely out.

  • My personal favorite and easiest of all is the Found money Spell

Place a dollar under your door mat. And when you enter your home or leave it wipe your feet saying this spell

“Either I come or neither I go Money Finds me.”

As always, comments and questions are welcome !

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