The Inner Light Shines

Depression breeds more depression and a mostly trouble free person going through a rough patch, finds them selves hopelessly lost in despair.

Western Culture and Science say Mental Illness or nerves breakdown. They suggest counseling and medication “Take some time off work and go on vacation”.

Eastern cultures have knowledge of chakras, Chi and work to returning the proper flow.

The superstitious can go so far as to blame a curse (evil eye) or psychic vampire sucking the life energy.

The fact of the matter each culture has it’s answers and even though some remedies work faster then others it really depends on the person them selves when they decide to “get better”

I have a remedy that works for all cultures and beliefs because it’s basis is rooting in all thoughts. Through Guided Meditation all is cured

*If the problem is psychological then meditation and visualization, mind over matter cures

*If it is a physical imbalanced the act of slowing the heart rate and breathing exercises brings valuable oxygen to the brain and systems will be restored

*Focusing on the third eye and individual chakras throughout the body cures and coincides with eastern belief

*Repealing the evil and returning balance to your power is a truly Psychic belief

Lets look at the Light.. or really lack of the light as we learn how to meditate.

This is just one of many Meditation techniques that Jump starts your spirit.

The Light is your spirit inside this earthly form. It has it’s duty much like the Brain has electrical signals, the heart pumps blood, the lungs take in oxygen the skin protects from infection.

The soul has a combination of jobs to do. It relays energy, pumps power, takes in aura from what surrounds it, and protects against negative influences.

If the Light is dimmed by lack of power, has been altered by outside forces, purhaps even a less then steady signal the light can flicker, even go out completely.

I know you have seen them at work, in the store or on the street. The light is just gone from there eyes. If you have ever known a person that had committed suicide, then you know the look. There bodies were working but their spirit had failed.

I was one of those people…. I had lost my light and the only thing that kept me going was my family. I went to counseling, to church, I took the medicine and tried to get out and face life but the medicine never helped and although I knew what the counselors and clergy said were true I just couldn’t feel that spark anymore.

I was praying one day asking God to just relieve me from this life “Just take me, I can’t do it anymore, it is just too hard” as I lay there I was directed by my Guilds to listen to my breathing.. which at the time was rapid and shaking with an occasional whimper from crying for so long. I took a deep breath (First control breathing)

What was the worst that could happen. I thought of the other things I heard form TV and Movies…. calm your self (Slow your heart rate)

(Clear Your mind of troubles and focus on the now)

Picture yourself laying on the bed, legs straight and hands to the side.  (Systems Check) by starting at your farthest extremities. the energy is tingling in your toes and fingers, it is in your palms and feet, ankles, wrists, work your way to your center core and then up to the head… feel the energy, it is there, it is what makes the cells exist, what makes you exist.. it is life.

Now lets (Turn It Up)

See the little light of energy focused right in the center of your core in the Chakra it is your solar plexus, controlling our will, our personal power.  It brings us our strength, our courage and our will to succeed ,achieve and survive….. it is such a concentrated little light. Feel the heat radiate from it….

With every Breath the light gets brighter with a limitless amount of energy the light grows and fills the entire room with spiritual light as rays reach out and erupt like the sun’s rays.Let it really burn bright for a few minutes (Clearing Out the Negative)

Ever see a person walk into a room and the air gets lighter, the people just seems to cheer up and everything has more color. It is like someone lifted a window shade and let the light in.

You can lower the light to a constant flame just enough to light yourself from head to toe. This is what I call a (Maintenance Glow)

Now that you have Jump started your Spirit’s Innerlight it is easily taken care of, and a simple Run through of the Meditation when things seem overwhelming or you feel drained or depressed, will keep you positive and clear of everything from mental issues to succubi.

It protects against Ghosts and Curses. It Enhances the flow of Chi and clears the Chakras

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