ADHD: attention deficit hyperactive disorder

Anyone that has lively children have asked the question “Is my child Hyper?” especially after a caffeine soda or a sugar fix. But there are other reasons children react, here are some reasons I have found children have what I call “Moments”

1) effects of caffeine: this very normal physical reaction to caffeine does the same as adult drinking too much coffee, caffeine is found in most colas, chocolate and like products.  The body maybe the start of the reaction but on a deeper psychological level a lot of the long lasting effect is your reaction to a fit or their hyperness, rewarding bad behavior will just ensure more behavior later when they are not under the influence of the toxin.

2) food allergies: the child’s body is receiving messages daily every moment at lightening speed, taking in information and learning at levels that we as adults are numb to. So when something is amiss their whole world is effected. (example) if you are walking down the street with a million things on your mind as to what you are doing, why, when who expects what? You might have those thoughts and actions under control… but experience that same action with a small pebble in your shoe. Where will your mind be, how will you react to others? A child’s system is effected in that same way when they are not feeling well.

3) Problems at home or school: Not being on a schedule, not feeling safe, stress,  are not just worries that adults have, a child that is subjected to one or more of these can be effected also, and much like you might react to them a child is no different, depression and anger most likely mimic a hyper active behavior.

4) Frontal Lobe Brain Tumor: First understanding what ADHD is will help in understanding why a tumor in the frontal lobe might effect someone in the same ways, ADHD is the slower brain activity in the frontal lobe… the part of the brain that controls emotion, control and empathy, with this part of the brain not working at optimal levels, it kind of leaves a child on “basic mode” almost primal behavior with little upper level thought. Ritalin and like drugs speed up the brain and help the frontal lobe work a bit more normally. Frontal lobe damage, tumors and trauma has the same effect on the personality.
5) High Lead levels in the child: lead paint in old houses, toys and water have an effect similar as ADHD, creating a learning disabilities in children and low attention span. Lean finds it way into your child from the dirt, old paint and water/pipes. Getting your child checked is usually done with request of  state or city agency, but if your child has high lead levels there is no reason to worry, the same agencies with also test your water, land and house for lead and make sure you can remove the risk from the child. And by the way, Milk helps by absorbing and releasing the lead.

No matter the reaction or disorder your child is your child, learning and experiencing life with your supervision. Understanding weather they are doing this the easy way or the hard way does not make them any less your child, it just makes you a more involved and caring parent. And no mater the difficulty they may have, even a extremely hyper child can live a productive, and exciting life, with little difficulty from their disorder but I can not say the same for a mentally, and physically damaged child that is neither understood or valued. How you react to the child is the most important factor in weather a hyperactive child is successful in life.

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