Aren’t you the Lucky Little Bull. It is not that you have all the world handed to you. You do work for what you acquire. But the luck comes in the form of being the whole package.

You seem to have what others can only aspire to be. Great personality, Good looking and in touch with the world around you.

As a child your feelings were on your sleeve. Open and caring, devoted to pleasing everyone and being accepted.

A Teen Taurus is desperate to be included and will rebel when they are not. If a Taurus gets their feelings hurt it is hard for them to forgive, so they often choose to keep their heart guarded.

A young Adult’s Taurus Personality is calm and controlled. They tend to resemble stability and balance but their temper is a force to be reckoned with especially when family or weaker friends are in pearl, The Taurus will come charging to save the day.

Bulls well into responsible years are protective to say the least as they stand back waiting to see if they are “Needed” but one thing is for sure The conserved energy collected by a Taurus can be explosive. A great shoulder to cry on in time of need their only down fall is stress related as all the worry is bottled up inside… usually around the gut.

In relationships Taurus are a hard catch… indifference block many people from getting involved with The bull, but  they are faithful and loving partners, loyalty and a deep sense of belonging when the match fits.

Horoscope sign of Taurus is all about Knowledge, you are skilled at what you do. Taurus is versatile and creative, usually musically talented and likes to socialize. It makes sense that their jobs are better out among the people….. Well once they reach that time in their life when they become comfortable in their own skin (for some that can take years).

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