I heard this story a few weeks ago and smiled that smile that you get when you have the answer you have searched a life time for. I just had to rewrite this for others to enjoy. The thought of the way life works is not a new idea, but the way of saying it in terms that people understand (timeless)

A man being obedient to God and wanting to please him asked. “God what would you have me do with my life?

God’s reply “I want you to push this massive bolder with all of your might”

So he being willing to please God he pushed with all his might, day after day he toiled at that rock and rested at night exhausted and spent.

Now Satan being the trouble maker came a whispered in the mans ear. “Why do you work so hard at such a hopeless task. Look at the rock, it hasn’t moved  all the days you pushed, it just shows how truly stupid you are to listen to God. Better you not destroy yourself on a stone, just but minimal effort and save your energy”

The man feeling lost and misdirected he decided to ask God “Father are you sure you want me for this task, all the days I have pushed with all I have in me, never once have I moved this stone, and I do not believe that I will ever be able to.

God’s reply “Never once did I tell you to move the bolder. I told you to obey me and push. Look at your body, your strong arms and massive back, look at the size of your legs. In your obedience you have not moved the stone but have moved your body. You have created in you perfection both physical and spiritual. Now… I will move the bolder”

Some times we question why we are directed to do curtain things, we let Satan’s words impact our thoughts and make us question our faith. It should never be about the end result but rather the task and how well we can be all we can be…. by all means continue to have the faith that moves mountains but always remember that it is God that moves those mountains.

When everything seems to go wrong no matter how hard you try……Just Push

When the money is gone and the bills are due……………………………….Just Push

When the job gets you down………………………………………………………Just Push

When people do not do as you think they should…………………………..Just Push

When they just do not understand………………………………………………Just Push

P = Pray

U= Until

S= Something

H= Happens

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Feeling the Devils Power

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Too many times I am asked if people are cursed or if the devil has it out for them? My answer is simple and straight forward.

The devil only has access to what he has claim to. Does the devil have claim on you?

Satan is a reality we face everyday, his influence on others allows him to work through them to make your life more difficult.

Haven’t you ever met a person that you just knew was evil? You may not be able to see into the devils face or stand toe to toe with lesser demons but you definitely have dealt with his minions on earth.

Most religions see the devil as the opposite of good, Gods nemesis. And although the concept is correct, most see the devil as equal to God when it is God that controls all and it is only Him allowing things to happen to teach lessons that give Satan any authority at all.

We go back to my theory that everything happens for a reason and see that it is the trials and temptations in life that makes us strong.

It creates a question that even Satan has a divine purpose. Whether Islamic Iblis, Christianities Satan or Hindu’s assures that attitude towards him is a negative one.

All God loving and fearing individuals know well to keep their distance. It is a fact that some do not begrudge the devil and some even practice Satan worship “Satanism”.

It is never my intention to tell people what God to pray to but in the same respects I feel it is my duty to remind everyone that all is possible through the power of “God” and for what ever reason anyone decides to worship the devil it will one day prove to be fruitless.

The American native Indian had no concept on one God but they did see one as the trickster and deservedly so. The occult will never give the desired results you expect.

Black magic and some forms of witchcraft promises power and success but if the price is weighed against what you really do achieve it is easy to see the path is a dead end and you do not come out ahead.

Just remember we are taught in most religions including Wicca to “respect” evil factions but not to fear and never to worship.