Climate Change

The sky is falling, the sky is falling… Sense the dawn of time the earth is on a decline and sense man has first questioned when was the beginning, they have also wondered when is the end of the world. Every earthquake, every storm, every flood brings with it, “Is this a sign of the end?”

With Science’s discovering of global warming and the greenhouse effect even explaining how the Ice-age may have come to pass we have realized we are a direct effect but the world has a cycle of it’s own.

Watch any Discovery channel on plate techtonics showing the movement of the earths plates causing volcanoes and their release of gasses and you can see it is proof that the earth does bad enough on her own.

Gasses released are earths pollution causing global warming on it’s own Earths radiation raises temperature while the pollution and dust clouds cools it.

The earth has a balance of equals… much like a persons life, good vs evil.  but when the balance is tipped all is toppled. I do not dare say that the world is coming to an end, but I will suggest that until a balance is returned… The earth will try to right it’s self.

Massive Climate changes, out of the ordinary, strong storms with tornadoes and hurricanes are merely the way that Mother Nature does some house cleaning.

Lets face it… we haven’t exactly had very green footprints, in fact by faults of our own, unknowingly we have done so much damage it may not be corrected, with such damage as nuclear fall out in Japan, to the many oil spills, and years of factory pollution.. Our symbiotic relationship with the world has become a bit one sided.

We were told in Eden that we were care takers of the world and all the animals upon it, but we have not done our job well, we  use all the world has to offer for our own selfish needs with little or no regard for animal life or the world around us.

We thought that if there was a price to be pay it would be so far from our lifetime that it would not be “our problem”…. it has become our problem and placing blame is a waste of time. better we take this time a right what wrongs we can….

1)Not buying products from factories and countries that pollute .. pay attention and sanction those that violate

2) Use green power, we have relied all these generations on earth and fire, it is now time to use water and air

3) respect the natural world and be the care takers we were told to be

4) we all can not live on a commune without industrial products but we can RECYCLE

5) population control

6) conserve energy.. well it will be more expensive anyway, you will have no choice but to conserve.

You get the point. The weather is changing, the Earth is fighting back, Our days are being tallied and the mistakes we have made in the past may not be able to be righted.  The world is not ending, but it is becoming more difficult. At this point whether we like to admit it or not, there is only 3 choices

1) Continue and reject the notion that we will have to pay for our indiscretions… the price will be paid and we will see just how bad it is going to get (soon) there will not be a next generations to pawn this off on.

2) Try to at least slow the earths decline and bide a little more time until our science to conserve catches up with our science that has distroyed

3) Convert back to cave man days…. with no carbon footprint.. this option is past.
here is just an example of what is to come.

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