Looking for Love In All the Wrong Places ?

looking for loveI do not think so !
In most cases it is not about where but what and when you are looking for love. We are taught at an early age that it is our goal to search the world for that one special person set aside for just us.

After failure to do so, many turn towards joining personals, date lines and maneuver through a sea of cheating spouses posing as single, and men who have no intention on really settling down and a few odd balls thrown into the mix seemingly just to keep you off the trail of the real prize.

Here is the real break down to finding love.

While you are on this search to acquire true love, you are growing as an individual, you are finding out hands on what you are really looking for, what you can and can not put up with and what is right for you.

Not to mention at the end of this quest you will find that you are not the person you were when you started your travels. In actuality you have grown and became more worthy to accept love.

The search was never an outward action looking for love but rather a search of self discovery and molding of you own personality.

What is more surprising is that so many people spend their lives thinking they have not “found” true love and placing the blame on the fact that there was something wrong with the opposite sex around them, when it was never about where that one was hiding but when “you” will be ready to meet them.