How to find a Job?

I know that the economy is not what it used to be. More and more people are finding themselves out of work saying “I need a job!”

The jobs are there, you may no be able to snag a job you were hoping for, but that is why you look at it as building your resume or climbing that corporate ladder.

Your first stop on your jobsearch needs to be a resume. You need to take into account what you have to offer an employer. It is not as painful as you might think and do not get discouraged if after making your resume you see it is pretty empty.

If you have not worked many places that either shows you are reliable and stay at a job for a long time or you are an empty slate in-which your future employer can build on. Most employers will tell you that training a employee is not a problem but un-teaching a employee is the hard part.

Remember that finding that perfect job is a lot like finding a true love.. there are many to choose from but that doesn’t mean you are a good match for all of them.

If you have been turned down from a job you know the feeling of rejection, but that doesn’t make them wrong, it just means that your services are better needed somewhere else.

Discrimination also is a factor for some people. and in that instance it is important to notify the owners or head of a company that you are being discriminated against but understanding that kind of work environment is not a suitable, positive place to be.

Education is a factor in helping you find a job. and with any education you can be assured you are more qualified then about 2/3 the population. Now all you have to do is make your education fit the right job.

There are several internet sources that can help in this department even if you do not get any response from them. The process of qualifying for jobs compared to your education helps you better see where you are suited to apply in person in your town or area.

Job search engines like job builder and are great and they also have sections that help you create a resume.

After finding the right places to apply next is turning in your resume and being pleasant, friendly, and well groomed is a must, make sure and smile and find a subject to kick up conversation with the secretary or manager, remember that they are not the enemy and this is an opportunity for you to show your best side.

When going to an interview being pleasant and friendly takes a more professional tune. to be a bright star might make you look better then the other applicants but being too bight and you risk out shinning your employer, and that may be what keeps you from being seen as a team player and more of an potential opponent.

Do not get discouraged, no one buys the first car they see and this job hunting is a exactly that.. sometimes you come back from a hunt empty handed.

The good thing is if you have a job and are trying to find a better job you at least have the luxury of a paycheck coming in, that supplies you with a living, which makes your search a little less desperate; and if you are unemployed, you have plenty of time on your hands to make looking for a job “your job”.

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