Pet training or spirit training?

It is no wonder the love of an animal does the heart good. Look into a puppy’s eyes or watch a kitten playing with a ball of string and you can feel the happy welling up inside. Do we own them? or do they own us?

The love of a pet is unconditional, the experience we have are irreplaceable and soothing to anything that ills you. from lowering blood pressure to relieving depression.

Animals rehabilitate criminals, redirect troubled youth. help teach children with autism and add years and quality to seniors lives.

Growing up on the farm, animals were all around, learning the facts of life was important and nothing was hid from us. As children we learned the beauty of birth, the enjoyment of life, and the necessity of death both natural and at our own hands.

My brothers, sisters, and I at a very young age learned that the comfort of our life came at a price and the animals on the farm supplied that, We were also taught that harvest ensures the next seasons birth. We learned to be thankful to the animals for what they gave us (both physically and emotionally)

It is in the best interest for people young and old to have contact with animal life. Pets show us all the facets of life. TV helps a little by giving people that normally would not have access to wild life/farm/pets see the effect an animal has on others but not to the extent that having a pet does. No matter the documentary there just is no interaction.

No smell a vision when watching “Dog Whisperer” or time involvement. Knowing that when you are tied of house breaking puppies or changing cats litter box you can’t just change the channel. It is about commitment and some are just not cut out for it yet, while others might excel.

Being responsible for another life, seeing it grow and either flourish or fail at your hands. Touching them and feeling their heart beat. These are the things that train our spirit to feel empathy, and understand emotions as we grow.

Holding a dying pet is heartbreaking, watching a litter being born is joyful and coming home to a waiting friend is fulfilling. These are the steps to creating lasting relations with people, enhancing currant relations and getting to know yourself and your limits along with your lack of limits. Spirit training as you go along.


Things that are taught from having a pet

1) the reality or reproduction/birth

2) responsibility

3) things that are needed for life (food, water, cleanliness, shelter, affection)

4) love and understanding

5) commitment

6) dealing with death/loss

Having pets, helping them grow, training them, and being comforting to them as they grow old are practices in human interactions and in turn trains us to be better at living ourselves. Our spirit is enhanced by giving love, we have plenty of it.

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Pet Psychic and Animal Communicators

There are so many types of psychic abilities and being a clairvoyant and sensitive doesn’t always stop at being able to do psychic readings on humans. Expanding ones psychic ability to be a pet psychic is not so unusual.


Empathy is the gift to feel those around us and in most cases an animals brain waves and emotional state is so simple and uncluttered that a medium can read them with much more clarity and accuracy.

It is no secret that pets themselves are empaths, knowing their masters emotions, predicting earth quakes, patience’s seizures, cancer and a pet starring off into empty space is a sign of their psychic ability of seeing spirits and ghosts.

Their capacity to attach themselves to a person or place to the point of a love beyond loyalty is almost eerie.

A pet’s connection with us is a healing experience, calming and soothing with eyes seeing through us, giving exactly what we didn’t even know we needed. But occasionally it is the pet that is on the receiving end of need.

Giving you the chance to hear what they are trying to tell us is all it takes to become closer to them. Pet psychics, sometimes also known as animal communicator,  are in much need in today’s society. Most dog trainers have a psychic gift, a sense beyond those around them. Putting together sight, feel, sound and emotions equal a truth.

True story:

when my mother was young there was an elderly man that lived next door with his wife and ancient dog beyond a countable age. The elderly man was never seen without his loyal canine side kick but when he past away.

The woman inconsolable after the funeral was unable to find the only thing she had left to connect herself with her past love. The dog had just simple disappeared.

It was only a few days later that another relative unable to attend the burial of the elderly man had taken time to stop by the grave site across town and there lying in front of the man’s tombstone was an over grieved dead dog, His faithful companion.

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