The Children are our future

When our parents were raising us they pretty much were flying blind. No one knew the adverse effects of different parenting styles. spoil them, whip them, time out, redirect, reinforce just touched on what they were testing on us.

Some of us were raised just like our parents before us “well, it didn’t kill me” but as we look at our options today, as we look into our future and what we had to overcome to get here. It just seems like a lot of not needed work, when all we needed was to be nudged in the right direction. Don’t be afraid of getting educational material

I see a influx of parents seeing the mistakes of their parents and compensating by demanding their childhood not be repeated in their offspring. My parents were to busy struggling to live their lives to worry about what i was going to do in 20 years. They had no clue what was a college choice fund or child investment planning. But we know better don’t we.

Oh don’t worry this is not a financial investment blog. I am a big believer in you do what you can to save when you can. I want more to talk about what we can do for our children to make them a better emotional base for their future. I know the key to guaranteeing a great future for you children. Are you ready?

It is called communication! yeah yeah I know you have heard it too many times before “talk to your kids” but i will go farther and tell you what to talk about and when. or what not to talk about. I speak with my sons constantly but some kids focus more on example. When my oldest son was younger I was a volunteer freak. Shelters, humane society, elderly in nursing homes and in our neighborhood, even his school PTA.

As  a result I have created a very caring and supportive young man that has respect for all people no matter their situation.  He is the first to pitch in to help, he is the one people call when they need help moving or a shoulder to cry one. He is there for his employer and co-workers and knows that it is more then a job it is a responsibility to be, because people need him.

10 years after I had my oldest son I became pregnant with the twins so seeing what I was creating in my oldest I took it a step farther and with the same volunteer spirit I pushed education, I went back to school and I enjoyed the hard work and friendly atmosphere so I speak to my children about it.

They were emerged in the college experience early. We took trips to other universities and at least once a month I take one or both to my campus for a day. I make the idea of an education fun and in the process they look forward to their school and their education.

I really don’t have the means to raise them, go to college and still think I can pay for their education but looks as though I may not need to (my twins are straight A students) and it is not from me fussing daily “do your home work”  or grounding them for bad grades… they do it because “they want to”

With the future of education being what it is, tuition is going up and they say by the time my twins reach college years the price of one semester will be equal to the price of a four years stint now. I see the demand for a continued education to survive these days.

Slowly but surely we see the lines being made. If you want a good life and future you go to college, get involved, raise your credit score, even loose weight. Employers are finding it harder and harder to weed though applications, when there are so many well qualified candidates. And if this is the case now, what will it be 10 years from now, 20 years from now?

Talk to you children, not just “Boy you need to go to college!” but use some educational psychology,speak to them in a way they can understand. Take them to a Fast food restaurant and show them the junkiest beat up car on the lot “that is a managers car”

Take him to a Dr office and show them the newest model “with work and preparation comes reward”  if they are old enough for math have them calculate the difference in wages.  Talk about it daily! Everything has a comparison (buying shoes, toys, and many others)

Introduce the children to technology, don’t be afraid of using games and computers as a reward. use technology in moderation but our children need to be able to navigate in the future; computers, cellphones and games are our worlds.

This does not just stop at education.. You can use the same method with relationships, house work,  personal hygiene or organization. and really talk “with” them, allowing them to voice their opinion and concerns. The only difference between your child and street children is (YOU) our children our future

I love writing blogs that inspire and make you think, especially when I get feed back, but in all actuality the fact that you keep coming back to learn more is reward enough. But please remember I do tarot readings to, so when you want to know more about issues in your life or in the need of direction make sure and go to