Christmas Spirit

It’s the reason for the season and the joy to the world, but for some, christmas is anything but joyful. Steeling, abuse, suicides, traffic jams and disappointments. My very good friend opened my eyes this season in a big way, I was on the phone with him while driving and I was complaining of the bumper to bumper traffic up ahead. I live on a very busy shopping area in my city and I was very late to an early christmas party and I was expected on time since I had promised to bring the refreshments. I had already had a pretty rough day and was telling all the atrocities I had overcome earlier. “GREAT! another accident!”

He asked in a sweet calm voice “So you think you are having a bad day?” my reply “YES!” …..he laughed, well not as bad a day as they are having I am bet……. Silence…. I had nothing to say, which is extremely not in my character. I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. I was being given advice from one of my friends, instead of the other way around “aww the student has bypass the master, grasshopper”

I had let the chaos of the commercial Christmas corrupt my christmas spirit. You hear all the time the words Christmas and think that unless you are brought up in a perfect christian family, sitting around a Christmas tree, singing silent night… well…. Christmas is less then perfect. This holiday season is not about shopping until you have debt up to your ears, but it is not about spending it singing Christmas carols and riding a horse drawn slay to grandmothers house. surprisingly enough it does not even have to be Christian. Confused yet?

Most non-christian religions may not believe that Jesus is the son of God, but they do view him as a great profit and follow his teaching closely. The #1 thing Jesus taught is that we are all brothers and sisters. In the worldly sight of those words we see we are all family and if that is truly the spirit of Christmas is to spend time with family then we must include all the world in that joyous event.  Ok…. so, we all can’t buy every neighbor a gift or as far as that goes, our house might even be a little small for inviting the less fortunate in for dinner.

BUT….. Make a plate and bring it to a person sitting a home alone on Christmas, If you get a gift you really don’t want or need…. re-gift, re-warp that sucker and put it on someone else step, push the door bell and hide. So what if no one else would do that (you just did) so what if people are fussing about traffic and shopping like a crazed maniac YOU MAKE YOUR OWN HOLIDAY SPIRIT.

You don’t have family to share the holidays with? no problem, remember what I said we are all family. Take a walk, wave and say “Merry Christmas to everyone you meet”. Volunteer at a soup kitchen, sweep someones walk. get your mind off of being alone and realize that being alone gives you the freedom to help others. Call an old friend you hadn’t seen in years, or family a member that has removed themselves from the rest of the family and be the one that says “I don’t want anything from you, I just wanted to wish you a merry christmas and say I am here if you want to talk”

Most of all create in yourself an awareness that this is more then christmas gifts and  Holiday parties, It is realizing those people in that accident are worse off then you and caring that they are your extended family to.

Merry Christmas From Me and Mine!