Celtic Cross Tarot Spread

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Celtic Cross tarot spread is the most simple and easiest to get the desired result for the most questions. It’s the easiest by far to remember both in placement and meaning, whether it be a love query or life direction the Celtic Cross has the when, where, and why to all.

1st card center = this is you and best describes what you are and what is important for you to know about yourself right now

2nd card across 1st = what is crossing you in your life right now

3rd above the 1st = what is on your mind or even what needs to be what you are thinking of.

4th is under the 1st = the root of the problem, a person or event, what brought you to this

5th card is to the left of 1st = a reminder of a past event that can help you better deal with what is going on now.

*with these 5 cards the client should realize that these are their cards.. If not, start over, no one should trust a future told if the past and present is not correct.

6th card right to the 1st = a future card mostly unchangeable or takes great effort to change

7th card far right bottom= what you are worried about, mostly connected to real tangible fear

8th card above 7th = direction others have suggested or will say.

9th card above 8th = issue in the future, life lesion or person important in future

10th card above 9th = most important future card and usually ties the others together

celtic cross spreadRemember that after this tarot card spreads you can ask question on any of the cards drawn and pull from deck to cross the card you question, many times if makes no immediate answer may tell a time line spring summer fall or winter.

of course the right tools are a must. my favorite learning device lately is the Kindle and books Saints & Angels Cards linked here from amazon is a great way to learn, and there is no running to the book store.

If you have further questions about celtic cross meaning, feel free to post them in comments or you can even contact me directly.

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Peace always

I encourage any and all psychics and this is a blog I ran across that I think is very informative (check out other blogger’s work)