I wonder why your symbol is the crab? Hard unbreakable shell on the outside to guard you soft heart. Cancers learn early that they cannot deal well with heart break or blows to their ego, so better to just never let people see that softer side of you.

The Astrological sign Cancer is noted for a few more quirks. They will do anything to keep their secret from being outed. With Sober, Stern and sometimes Comic demeanor they are the greatest actors to keep you from noticing their true feelings. Their poker face serve them well at gambling and at the work place.

Extremely focused on their work and strongly driven…. almost passionate about winning. The Cancer makes a wonderful business minded person, obsessed with details, and rejecting all negative feed back.

Unfortunately Cancers are an acquired taste so unless you marry a person that is either a cancer themselves or had grown up with a cancer, people tend to feel at a loss and left out. Cancers want to be responsible and self reliant but many times forget they don’t stand alone.

(A skeptic nature and constant analyzing of others behavior can cause people to feel “interrogated”).

As a child you were mostly set up to learn and succeed

Teens rebel but the reasoning for a Cancer is different “why take direction and orders from people below your intelligence?”

Young Adult Cancers experience reruns of childhood. Picking partners much like the adult role models they had growing up.

As an Adult Cancers, they are Possessive, Patient, Romantic, Knights determined to win their lovers heart. Cancers usually are pretty head strong and do not give up easy, they are slow and steady built for the long haul.

The best Job for you is one where you are in control. You have the ability to invest large amounts of time to education so Law and Teaching is your best fit, if not a business owner.

Cancers are versatile and often can have friends from all walks of life, but have few close friends, the ones that might make it into a cancers close circle can see a cancers true personality, otherwise The Cancer will not trust anyone or just anyone.

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