I wonder why your symbol is the twins? Could it be because of your dual nature. Relax Gemini usually do get what they work for, you just seem to have a way to entice people to believe in your way.

The Astrological sign Gemini is noted for a few more quirks. Bio-polar and Mostly likely to be OCD, they have an extreme difficulty in letting go. What might seem as a personality flaws can be an asset.

Extremely focused on their work and strongly driven. Double the workload gives you something to do…. almost passionate about winning. The Gemini makes a wonderful business minded person, obsessed with details. But a horrible gambler (being of 2 minds about every decision) Jeckel and Hyde syndrome runs amuck with this sign and Gems are constantly fighting to regain balance.

Unfortunately Gemini are an acquired taste so unless you marry a person that is either a Cancer or Gemini themselves or had grown up with a Gemini, there will always be hurt feeling and disappointment.

(no one can stack up to a Gemini’s expectations).

As a child you were mostly spoiled and dotted over by very loving and dedicated parents. If you had a difficult childhood it was usually compensated for in excelling in education or awards

Teens rebel but the reasoning for a Gemini is different “why take direction and orders from people below your intelligence?”

Young Adult Gems experience humility but are lost on it’s true lesson blaming everyone but themselves, it will be years before you realize that the lessons you learned while you are young were important. Relationships are steadily gotten and easily forgotten, no one is more important then Education Education Education, You seem to have your life already planned out.

As an Adult Gems are Possessive, hard headed, unrelenting control freaks. But they know their business and it is hard to argue against “Right”. Outspoken and Loyal with great value placed on Righteous endeavor and responsibilities. Social and strive for external approval, Gemini’s just have to be the best at everything, AND noticed for it.

Passion is not well control, but the flame burns bright…. most partners have little to regret in this aspect of your life.

The best Job for you is one where you are in control. You have the ability to invest large amounts of time to education so Law and Teaching is your best fit, if not a business owner.

The best advice to help balance a Gemini’s (Hot/ Cold) personality is to take some course in counseling, work on communication skills and talking out your feelings, practice seeing life in others shoes. I know you will have every excuse why there are more important things to do “time is money” but think of it as educating yourself farther..

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Leos are called so because of their lion like personalities. The guardian of the troop, a Leo often takes the defense when approached with a problem.

They also mimic the lions general laziness and they do love their sleep (reserving energy for later) and just like the lion, they love being taken care of by their “subordinates” they are after all KINGS of the jungle

Young Leos do battle for their place in life, often getting into trouble on their way up, but if given the right direction they excel fast. They do great with added reward and responsibility.

Teen Leos are not willing to be placed second, and demand to be acknowledged. Many times hyper and like to stir things up.

Adult Leos, get things done! They are focused and have an extreme sense of duty. They love structure and self-control and unfortunately these aspects about Leo also tend to get in their way when it comes to relationships (expecting the same from their friends and partners)

With loving structure, Leos do well in Military and Management positions, Females are “Super Moms” and Men are “Kings of the Castle” Regardless of which roles you play these Lions are in charge of themselves and their surroundings and their sense of purpose and responsibility is a force to be reckoned with.

Relationships with Leos can be a bit one sided but if security and belonging is what you are looking for Gotta Love those Leos!

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Libra, You have been through quite a bit. Living your life through your emotions and feeling in the moment, hasn’t made you very prepared for Financial Success but it has made you very capable to understand others needs and with this advanced sense of Empathy…. you are usually the person others come to for advice.

You are a Teacher, A Nurse and Lawyer. You have a divine sense of purpose and calling to “Help” . In a tight pinch your thoughts are almost channeled from another source.

As a Child you are emotional and excitable

As a Teen you are followed by troubles and have a little sense of Self Protection leaving you open to all sorts of demons and Ruthless sorts

Young adults are forced to find their selves a little late (you were just too busy putting others first)

Loving too intencely or not enough there seems no grey area here, passion is like a fire that can burn so bright it is overwhelming but the flame has to have fuel to continue. The libra will lose interest if not fueled. Self controlled and focused on goals, your only problem is knowing when to let go.

Adults are well settled and still find time to “help” others find their place. Selfish is not a word that describes you and are very well in control of emotions and are BALANCED .

Older Adults are almost always Wise beyond their years, connected and ready for anything. Guiding others along their paths. Best in Religion and Spiritual advice. They make the best Psychics.

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Types of Psychic Readings

[ad#ad-1] types of psychic readings

Before taking the time to contact a psychic first time it is advisable to do your home work.Start by asking yourself what it is you are wanting answered, do some research yourself on the way to best have that question answered.

Different psychic readings are better for answering different intrigues. Here is some basic information on each kind of readings so you can better have a grasp on each.

Here is just a few of the better known readings:

Tarot cards (using mystic cards that have specific messages to point out a good life direction) are one of the more common of psychic reading and its abilities to focus on a given issue is good for general readings on one subject or on a group of problems but difficult to narrow to a definite yes or no answer to question.

Tarots are more commonly used for giving life advice on a given problem.

Clairvoyance is the feel and emotion pictured messages, either directly into the mind or relayed through spirit guides, this gift goes well with the other psychic tools because of time it takes to draw the messages out (most clients walk into a reading closed and it takes time to open them)

Mediums see and or hear the spirits that have passed, not the same as spirit guilds that have not been physically in the living. these readings are normally done face to face .

An astrology reading (using dates of birth and alignments of planets to predict) is great for getting information on a time line in your life. When you achieve certain things, at what age you will marry or bear children. Some are higher achievers that try to pinpoint daily happenings. This is very difficult.

Numerology (also uses birth dates to assign a personality)numerology calculator is great at finding true love and your best suited mate, job, even place to live.

A palm reading ( is done by mapping out the lines of the hand) It is designed to inform a client of up coming happenings and long term hurdles that await. The wonder of the art is that the hand lines always change and so does your future.

Rune stones ( almost same as tarot only different medium) These domino like stones can give a more historic feel for the experience but the concept is the same, giving advice to life lessons and direction.

Reading ones Aura or aura reading is (done by psychic that has acquired the ability to see the spirit and the energy that you give off all around you) this is great for finding illness and emotional state.

What’s your favorite type of reading and why?

Horoscope Information You Might Love

horoscopesAries:  March 21- April 19:

This stubborn sign is hard headed for a reason, they are always right. They have a need to be in relationships with followers and easily butt heads with a controlling personality. But no worries if you are a sheep, the Aries know where they are going.

Taurus:  April 20- May 20:

Strong personality and unwavering sense of virtue, silently suffers but easily forgives. A Taurus wants responsibility in all relationships and has no tolerance in a slacker. But when it comes to love it is easy to snuggle with the teddy bear in them and feel secure in the process.

Gemini: May 21- June 21:

Not a homebody because of a constant craving to interact with others, intelligent, is in touch with others feelings, and easily juggles their duel like life style. “Not a problem” is often a fraise they use because this sign has got it well in hand.

Cancer: June 22-July22:

Moody and is hurt easily, lives through emotion but self motivated and a perfectionist. They are very fond of appearances and needs to be reminded of their value. Cancer personalities will not settle with average so be ready to climb to the top with them or be left behind.

Leo: July23- august 22:

Feels at home up there on that pedestal and surrounds themselves with adorers. Leo is not lazy just planning for future excursions. They are the judge and jury of their friends and family circles, but if treated with loyalty this sign knows how to repay the honor. Wow!

Virgo: August 23- Sept 22:

Believe it or not.. More then likely not. Virgos know when you are lying. Affectionate when they have privacy, and know how to please their mate. Family always comes first and will be selfless without complaint. Virgos are made for long term relationship.

Libra: Sept23- Oct 23:

They are not ADHD just in tuned to everything around them.. Libras have a desperate need to satisfy others and will break their backs doing for friends and family. Love is always the goal for this emotional sign and is very capable of expressing themselves.

Scorpio: Oct 23- Nov21:

Intense in nature and is always looking for a challenge, Scorpio will not back down and can be controlling but would rather their partner argue then give up. It is easy to see why Scorpio always succeeds; they give it their all in all they do.

Sagittarius: Nov22- Dec 21:

Fly by the seat of their pants and enjoy life. They need their privacy and are easily embarrassed. Watch out for this signs ability to hold a grudge and will make everyone suffer if done wrong. There is no problem with commitment but can see right through others false face.

Capricorn: Dec22- Jan 19:

Must impress others and status is of the most value. Outward and attention getters, Capricorn has real issues with trust but once this serious sign lets others in, it is unconditionally. Loving and seeking love can be a problem if the fires are not stoked, enjoys working and being the one relied on.

Aquarius: Jan20- Feb18:

Can not hide their feelings and value honesty above all else in life, responsibility is abundant in this friendly and open sign. They can get things done in love matters to. Wise beyond years watch out, they are blunt for your own good, they are not afraid to telling others what they do wrong.

Pisces: Feb19- March 20:

Not always the nerd but this sign has to work hard to keep from being a wall flower, confidence and self esteem is not a strong suit even though they have so much to contribute to friendships and relationships. They know how to appreciate and will put love ones on a pedestal.


It is not often that I subscribe to others blogs.. I like to keep my mind open and take in all that I read and come up with a happy medium but I read a blog lately that was just great and informative (loved it and want to share with you)

hope it will lay your fears to rest…. I know some of you were worried you would have to get your zodiac tattoo removed..hehehehe. Don”t do that all is well. Just remember the changes do not effect those born before 2009 or really all the western world.

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