I wonder why your symbol is the twins? Could it be because of your dual nature. Relax Gemini usually do get what they work for, you just seem to have a way to entice people to believe in your way.

The Astrological sign Gemini is noted for a few more quirks. Bio-polar and Mostly likely to be OCD, they have an extreme difficulty in letting go. What might seem as a personality flaws can be an asset.

Extremely focused on their work and strongly driven. Double the workload gives you something to do…. almost passionate about winning. The Gemini makes a wonderful business minded person, obsessed with details. But a horrible gambler (being of 2 minds about every decision) Jeckel and Hyde syndrome runs amuck with this sign and Gems are constantly fighting to regain balance.

Unfortunately Gemini are an acquired taste so unless you marry a person that is either a Cancer or Gemini themselves or had grown up with a Gemini, there will always be hurt feeling and disappointment.

(no one can stack up to a Gemini’s expectations).

As a child you were mostly spoiled and dotted over by very loving and dedicated parents. If you had a difficult childhood it was usually compensated for in excelling in education or awards

Teens rebel but the reasoning for a Gemini is different “why take direction and orders from people below your intelligence?”

Young Adult Gems experience humility but are lost on it’s true lesson blaming everyone but themselves, it will be years before you realize that the lessons you learned while you are young were important. Relationships are steadily gotten and easily forgotten, no one is more important then Education Education Education, You seem to have your life already planned out.

As an Adult Gems are Possessive, hard headed, unrelenting control freaks. But they know their business and it is hard to argue against “Right”. Outspoken and Loyal with great value placed on Righteous endeavor and responsibilities. Social and strive for external approval, Gemini’s just have to be the best at everything, AND noticed for it.

Passion is not well control, but the flame burns bright…. most partners have little to regret in this aspect of your life.

The best Job for you is one where you are in control. You have the ability to invest large amounts of time to education so Law and Teaching is your best fit, if not a business owner.

The best advice to help balance a Gemini’s (Hot/ Cold) personality is to take some course in counseling, work on communication skills and talking out your feelings, practice seeing life in others shoes. I know you will have every excuse why there are more important things to do “time is money” but think of it as educating yourself farther..

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Leos are called so because of their lion like personalities. The guardian of the troop, a Leo often takes the defense when approached with a problem.

They also mimic the lions general laziness and they do love their sleep (reserving energy for later) and just like the lion, they love being taken care of by their “subordinates” they are after all KINGS of the jungle

Young Leos do battle for their place in life, often getting into trouble on their way up, but if given the right direction they excel fast. They do great with added reward and responsibility.

Teen Leos are not willing to be placed second, and demand to be acknowledged. Many times hyper and like to stir things up.

Adult Leos, get things done! They are focused and have an extreme sense of duty. They love structure and self-control and unfortunately these aspects about Leo also tend to get in their way when it comes to relationships (expecting the same from their friends and partners)

With loving structure, Leos do well in Military and Management positions, Females are “Super Moms” and Men are “Kings of the Castle” Regardless of which roles you play these Lions are in charge of themselves and their surroundings and their sense of purpose and responsibility is a force to be reckoned with.

Relationships with Leos can be a bit one sided but if security and belonging is what you are looking for Gotta Love those Leos!

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Well Balanced and in control of your emotions… making sure to not let down your guard. Virgo my horoscope advice to you is to let go of those grudges you have been hording for so long, not everyone can be so sympathetic to others needs.

As a child you did without concern, active and nothing could stop you.

As a Teenager you expect nothing less then complete freedom

When a Young adult you realize why there are rules to go by and feel the effect of testing a few of those rules yourself. Your actions effect the rest of your life… be careful

As a Responsible Adult you have learned your lessons well and become a selfless, honest, giving and understand parent and friend. The problems are with relationships, the fact that you are selfless makes you less tolerant to others selfish nature. “Not everyone can be like you”

A Virgo’s personality can not put up with Liars, and Cheats. Being in touched with Logic makes you always right. Your “Perfection” is hard for others to compete with. Try as you may…. the only way to not hurt feelings sometimes is just to smile and nod. Work on forgiving and accepting others short comings.

THIS ASTROLOGICAL SIGN insures they are a hard worker and can always be relied upon to get things done and to be there when they need you… You excel at Finances, Communication and Listening to others concerns. Social worker, Care giver, Business owner and Planer are your best Employments

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