Arranged Marriage vs Love Marriage

When talking about arranged marriage vs love marriage there are a few factors that have to be considered. Some are more important then others and depending on your culture and values all or none can be used to determine your perfect match

1) Reputation of the family (are they good people and have good standing in their community)

2) Vocation (Will the man be able to supply for the family and/or does his work take him away from home for long periods of time)

3) Wealth (financially stable families tend to have well brought up children,poorer surroundings usually give access to corruptions)

4)Caste (not much of a worry these days but still and option to understanding the way a man or woman see the world around them and can give keys to the kind of personality)

5) Religion (This may not be an issue as long as there is a very clear understanding the expectations and which religion the children will be brought up in)

6) Horoscope ( some signs just do not match well with other signs example: a free spirited and enjoyed Libra should NEVER be matched with a strict no nonsense Gemini )

7) Age ( with age comes growth and understanding if one is too much the others senior there would be a miss balance of power and maturity and the “growing old together” factor will be lacking

8 ) Language ( no matter the culture or the need of the marriage being able to communicate is imperative to coexist together)

9) Diet (although not impossible to work around a couple that is mixed meat eater/vegetarian is not really the best match and can bring confusion also to the children)

these are just a few things that a person or matrimonial sites might look at when Matchmaking but there are advantages and disadvantages of arranged marriages. In western culture it is frowned upon and viewed as barbaric even though not so many generation ago it was completely acceptable to be in a marriage of convenience.

There is a steady rise in divorce among both love marriages and arranged marriages. The need to be free minded and be involved in arranged marriages is a important, to be drawn into a marriage that is not want by one or both of the parties does not start off the Matrimonial on a good note.

The advantage of arranged marriage is simple some of us may not know really what it is that we want, or have any idea what is good for us either, with the help of matchmakers and family we have an outside view of the situation and a more long term look at what we will need in a spouse in the future.

Love tends to come naturally when the match is made right and the couple experiences life together. The idea of a marriage of convenience is not necessarily wrong when you have two individuals come out ahead in the end.

love marriage vs arranged marriage is a simple and compelling argument and depending on the individuals and there needs and values love marriage works best but it is not fail proof . There is something very valuable knowing that you were picked solely on your personality, and connection with the person you in turn love. and that strong bond has merit and can with stand any trauma or drama.

Understanding and knowing yourself and your needs…. being loved and lovingĀ  is the desired life, but it wouldn’t hurt to look at the criteria for a good match while you are dating. Remember that there is a difference between love and lust, not to mention that people change through the years so make sure the expectation you have for your lives together don’t also change.

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