Anti Aging

At forty plus and a grandmother I am always getting a look of surprise. I introduce my grandson and I always have to explain that I am a bit older then I look. Action has a lot to do with staying young, I try my best to keep things light and shinny. My bubbly personality and positive  attitude is what makes my face glow and my spirits high. You are beautiful if you feel beautiful. Get some sexy cloths, go to the hair dresser or your nails done.

But beyond the emotional effects on the skin I do have some helpful hints to how to look younger.

anti aging begins with anti soaps…. I never use soap on my face, no cleaning lotions or scrubbing sponges, no medication ever, and no perfumes

Given my line of work I assure you it does not take a deal with the devil and the fact that I am an artist doesn’t give me magic powers with a make up brush. If I use makeup I always use clean makeup and I use Noxzema to clean my face of make up after. My rule on make up is if I touch my tongue to it and it leaves a bad aftertaste it is not meant for my skin either

Cleaning the face should be done to lift the excess skin, not to remove oils that your body has created to protect your skin.  A damp clean rag in a circular motion gently in all the areas of the face will do that well enough. I like (rewind skin) to replenish moisture but I try to go all natural when I can

The sun damages skin. Even a little sun is bad for you, indirect sun is acceptable but squinting eyes causes wrinkles and the sun dries the skin, tanning in tanning beds also mimic this effect.

Stress is the biggest age factor. It literal adds years to your face. When a person is under stress the heart beats faster the immune system is on overtime working for other organs being damaged by the compensating for stress. That is the major reasons that teens break out with blemishes. The immune system attacks every thing but the germs on your face.

No amount of anti aging products can equal your body’s knowledge of what you need to be healthy. Your immune system has been working on perfecting what is best for your body. Your temperature, virus and bacterial protection, Let your body do its job.

If there was a fountain of youth it would not be made of soap or filled with lufas, the fountain of youth is also not in some jungle in a far off land but it is in yourself and you can obtain it by understanding your body’s needs

You need oils inside not outside

You need water to clean your system not your face

You need to let your face rest… relax and don’t let the world affect you emotionally.  frowns = wrinkles

To be a beautiful woman you do not need to look years younger then you are, unless cougar dating, the only one that really care is you, beautiful women are comfortable in who they are.