How to be a Good Mother

Am I a good mother?

I wish it was as easy of an answer as it is a question, we all wonder if we did a good job or if we were a failure at raising our children but the fact of the matter is………………

Everything happens for a reason. When you first decided to be a parent you took on a certain amount of responsibility but you did not accept all of the responsibility.

Just like we are to make decisions and be accountable for our mistakes so are our children, the best we can do to prepare these little individuals is to detour bad decisions and be the best example for our kids.

Sometimes we were not the best example; sometimes we lived by the “do as I say not as I do” principle and for others of us we may have done all the wrong things at all the wrong times in our children’s lives. I assure you even at these times we are not (failing) at motherhood and here is why.

As spirits in heaven we are given a choice of what parents to take. We are also aware of what lessons were expected of us to pass. The choices that these fetal spirits make are the right choice, being aware of the struggles that need to be gone through.

(Example: some spirits are told that they need to deal with abandonment issues and in that case they would not pick “perfect parents” that will always be there for them.)

In the same respect as a Parent you are also set to pass tests. We are learning as we go, there is no license granted to say you are a good mother or a diploma that says you have the answers to all parental issues. It is one of the few responsibilities in life in which lives are placed in the hands of novice.

There will be broken bones, broken spirits and broken hearts. It is the price of learning and glory of living and the basis of life “learning from our mistakes” and in the end after being un-appreciated and forgotten; you may get the occasional “Thank you, I understand now why you did the things you did.”

Just like on other placements in life we are not always rewarded for the good things we do. but the reward comes latter and one of those rewards is knowing that our children have learned from us and that they are on their way to their goals like being a great Mother or Father themselves.

Now would be a good time to take into account what your mother has done for you: Mistakes or Encouragement. Thank her for her Efforts. You are her Success.

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