Accepting the Adoption Process

starts with knowing it was meant to be..

You have a good life, settled and centered but still you feel like you are missing something?


You look around at your friends and their families and see that perhaps your own family is smaller then what it could be. Whether you and your spouse have no children or have 10, the fact that your love can never be divided among a family but the family multiplies the love is a universal feeling world wide.

You are a well spring of love, knowledge, and you are willing to share it. Maybe adoption is a good answer.

So once you have decided that adoption is a real possibility there are strict guidelines for adoption agencies to follow. Most of your concerns will be the legal issues and adoption procedures but the pay out is endless and much worth the battle.

Either domestic adoption, international adoption or applying for being a foster home; your parenting skills can be of great value and appreciation to and orphan or displaced child deserving of more than a cold dorm or dangerous street.

You were placed here for more than acquiring personal pleasure and this empty feeling is a call from the other side to accept this karmic lesson. That which is given needs to be repaid.

It is easy to cherish a child of your own blood, but for those that are called to give of themselves for the sake of another has karmas blessing.

The infant, child or teens birth mother for what ever reason was unable to give them more than life, and either for the good of the child or causes not in her control she has given you a chance to profit.

It is more then what you can give him or her, but you will soon see that this child has more to offer you than you had ever imagined.

I have heard so many as, “well what if I pick a bad one or they have emotional issues?” It doesn’t take me being a psychic to see the path that is available without the stability of a loving home is racked with emotional issues and without your influences that is what will make a child bad.

Growing up like most Christians I was taught the importance of tithing, the percentage of income the church expects to be given or put in a charity as an offer to god in thanksgiving for what you have received.

But I challenge all religions to acknowledge that a tithe doesn’t have to be monitory, and doesn’t have be to be given but rather taken in, to accept and receive a burden or task in gods name is more of a gift to the creator than any amount of money.

Give of yourself…. So that others can prosper and also be able to give.