2012 End of The World

Well… kiss your butts good bye and live it up while you can.

People thousands of years ago predicted the end of the world because they were also right about a handful of other predictions out of the hundreds that they recorded. Predictions that mind you, were right because it was common sense that they would come true sometime in our life time.

The book of revelation, The Bible’s four horsemen of the Apocalypse , Nostradamus predictions of end of times, Kalki Bhagavan marking 2012 as being the end of the Kali Yuga, or degenerate age, Terence McKenna’s drug induced numerology are all examples of the wisest of the wise grasping at straws to explain why the world is the way it is.

More then not wondering why the humanity is declining in morals and religious attachment. what better way to create belonging then to huddle together praying and waiting for conversions.

People will flock to France, Pic de Bugarach mountain for the transformation of enlightenment, and scientist map out the “galactic alignment” with magnesium causing solar flares.

Mayans Predicted that the world would end on Dec 2012 but they also believed in human sacrifice and that the Sun was a god. Come on… really? Lets look at the big picture. The world is going to end, especially at the rate we as tenants are going, using up all the world has to offer and destroying as we go.

Fire, war, global warming, hell… global cooling, pollution, pesticides, radiation, oil spills… It is surprising that the world hasn’t imploded or exploded or both. And that is not even taking in consideration natural disasters that are to be dealt with.

Seriously we here on planet earth walk a tight rope blindfolded, drunk, while being shot at, in a storm, with Aliens on one end and God on the other. Well, you get the visualization and my point is we are blindfolded for a reason.

God doesn’t tell you when you are going to die, people just are not meant to be given an exact time of arrival or departure. This life that we live in has no guarantees. It is a mystery set up with joys, punishments and chuck full of warnings to give us the opportunity to implement change, to better ourselves.

Tarot cards do not have a death card in the way that people think, It is the death of a situation and end of a problem. The cards are not going to tell a person that they are going to die, there is no purpose for that. Death can not be changed, but the cards will tell a client that they need to spend some quality time with their family.

my own yearly predictions are set up to warn people and help others to focus on the path our world is traveling. Instead of worrying about whether the end of the world will be this week or this year, how about you take the time to live your life in a fashion that the end is near and we do need to make those changes before it is too late? Hold close our loved ones and enjoy a little on our path.

I am not saying quit your jobs and join a cult of enlightenment nor am I suggesting drink and “party like it’s 1999” it wasn’t the end then and this isn’t going to be the end now.

Relax….. when God wants to end the world it will be all our fault and we will have deserved every moment of Alien invasion or Nuclear Fall out that comes with it, meanwhile Doomsday will just have to wait, we have things to do and some changes to make.

Now make them!

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