Suicidal Thoughts? Will I Burn in Hell if I Kill Myself?

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Being overly involved in the complications of life can seem to make living a little unbearable and that can be expected.

We are so often rushed to succeed at any cost and then looked down on when we falter, not to mention the kind of success that is expected by the worldly influences is not the same success that should be driven to achieve.

The pressure and disappointment starts early, we see the results in teenage suicides where the suicide rate is more alarming not because of the numbers being so high but the average age is getting lower every year.

The pain to the family is devastating and never truly understood, but with adolescent’s, suicide is influenced by several factors: lack of communication/ support, teen depression and the amount of options made available.
With depression suicide, the mental state is not normal and the individual has not got the control over their own thoughts. It is often referred to as an illness even though in many cases the stress and issues in life are truly beyond anyone’s ability to handle.

Their thoughts do not focus on what can be done to better things but lay with how to commit suicide?

Suicide attempts are often very well planed and if truly suicidal the individual will succeed. The cries for help are very evident, most of the time the love ones around the ill person just simply refuse to admit that things are really that bad. It is only after the suicide note is read that love ones will say “yes I may have seen it coming”

With assisted suicide and euthanasia public opinion varies, this is due to the awareness and mental state of the person attempted suicide. They are often very rational and very aware their options they feel that they have very good reasons to no longer struggle.

Either from illness, circumstances or age they decide an easier way out.
No matter what the reasoning behind committing suicide the results are the same.

Depression and suicide affects more than the one being buried and the pain goes much deeper then the initial loss.

For the one being left behind, a life time of regret and self doubt, always wondering what if they had done things differently and asking themselves if it was their fault

The flow of spirit is altered for the deceased. The persons that commit suicide are unable to finish the lesson being taught, it is only a short reprieve because whether it is accepted or not this person must go through this until they pass.. No mater how many times.

Weakness is not a sin but a character flaw that needs some work. Perhaps in another life.

Knowing this, thou shall always bounce back from the suicidal thoughts.