Training To Be Psychic

psychic training developmentSome people would like to say that being psychic is something that you must be born with or that it runs in an individual’s family, some even say that psychic talent can be obtained through near death experience.

Although there are some exceptions to the rule, a psychic gift is really a little less of a gift and more of a trained talent.

There is no such thing as a person that has never touched a piano just sitting at one in an afternoon and being a concert pianist.  And although a person may have an ear for music,  it takes practice and determination to achieve greatness. Psychic abilities are no different.

Everyone knows how to play checkers and some can remember the moves and intricacies of chess. A few are capable of competing in chess tournaments or consider them chess masters.

Atari had made a 3D version of chess that allows the player to involve 3 levels of boards that gave access to all the 3 levels at once.

The human brain works like a chess board, allowing movement, wins and losses on a single level,  occasionally letting some be worthy of competition and others true masters.

But the persons that can see beyond the single board and play on multiple levels has more brain function working all at once.

The true psychic ability comes from a part of the brain that does puzzles, conducts mathematical equations.

It is also what allows a woman a better sense of recognizing others emotions (woman’s six sense) and gives a person a feeling of empathy for others. These are the sections of the brain that can be trained and manipulated to exercise more often and become stronger.

If I know 1+1=2 then you can also with time recognize an eye blink at a given time is a lie. You can know that a change of weather can be first predicted by stiffness in a knee or that more suicides happen around holidays.

It is true that those things are not psychic, but scientific in nature. Now take those inner knowledges times 500 and a person can subconsciously predict the future. Much like a super computer can take information on a given subject and predict an out come.

If a person that has already become stronger psychically is introduced to thought past this level, added to a more spiritual connection, then the efforts are more channeled like sun-light through a magnified glass.

Things needed in psychic training: book on tarot cards, or favorite ability, and this time actually read it (you have to want to learn things of spirit to talk about things of spirit), puzzle that you will put together upside down (nothing but you, your thoughts and a pictureless puzzle connects you to the subconcious), time to go in groups of people to watch them communicate….. you stay silent and just observe, quiet time set aside for meditation, and time to listen to your thoughts away from TV or Radio.  (I call electronic entertainment mindless noise or time of empty thought, much like candy bars being empty calories.)

Sounds simple but these are the only things needed to become psychic.

Have you ever tried your hand at psychic training? If you need professional expertise, feel free to contact me.