Numerology Readings – Psychic’s Perspective

Psychic imprinting on a number, referring to ancient cultures personification on numbers and their plant signs is a difficult science and much misunderstood.

The main 5 original theories of numerology are:

Kabbalah numerology = Hebrew mysticism
Chaldean numerology= from Iraq the home of algebra
Pythagorean numerology= Pythagoras’ love metaphysic equaled his passion for math
Abracadabra numerology = use of triangulation to predict character
New kabbalah numerology = Roman interpretation of events

Each has its own theory as to what numbers mean and often conflict but the basis is that life is mathematical and easily reasoned. Spread of numerology to every corner of the world from China, India, and then the US.

Numerology predicts the arranged marriage to the lucky lottery numbers this week and its uses are as endless as the versions of numerology: Astrology numerology, Chinese numerology and deco numerology to name just a few.

As a child I learned my numbers with an added twist, with messages as to what each meant to me as a psychic, putting a personality to each and living my life being aware to keep in mind more then their monetary value.

So what does each number mean:

1 royalty, reliable and important, dominate with grace
2 a form of greatness and loyalty but always striving to better and often not satisfied with them selves.
3 cruel and unpredictable, usually right in arguments and arrogant
4 true and righteous but never a leader, happy with internal rewards
5 jolly and fun loving, but lazy and needs to be driven to complete any tasks
6 I feel is most important number, a leader, safe and in charge
7 sneaky, sense of deception, merely a follower of the wrong crowd but always dumb luck save them
8 balanced and wise, the caregiver and teacher, always willing to help others
9 difficult and often corrupt a strong leader of others, driven to succeed

All other numbers are added to equal a single digit number but many other numbers like doubles just show to extent of the character. Numerology 11 being a higher sense of royalty etc.

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