Love Spells that Work

casting love spells

Wanna learn the do it yourself love spells that work?

Warning: the effects given by these love spells are intense, so think wisely who you pick for casting love spells on,  (find out if they are married, psychotic, or a shim) for their attraction to you is irreversible.

Magic love spells are not solely mystically based and the reality is that most witchcraft is only considered mystic because of the lack of understanding the world has.

Even the practitioners them selves do not truly understand the how it works. Rather they say it is all the “spirits”.  Most do have scientific answers unproven “yet”

A look at the psychology behind a powerful love spells:

An individual loves what makes them feel good and in some cases becomes addicted to a feeling brought on by the effects. Drugs for instance is used to create a feeling of euphoria, it makes you happy, makes you feel good, copies a feeling of love.

A person is drawn to be with someone that makes them feel good and all you have to do is be there when they experience that feeling and the trigger is associated to you.

So let’s look at the scientific method:

Pheromones  are released when a person is sexually aroused. These pheromones have been attempted to be manufactured by cologne companies and some claim to say they have been successfully reproduced. you can add to this effect by using a pleasant comforting perfume (vanilla, cinnamon or sweet perfumes)

When you are sexually aroused the smell is detectable by the opposite sex subconsciously but still detected causing their body to react, equaling a sense of arousal. “That happy feeling” is associated with you.

Optical triggers also are detected, the flip of the hair or a blink or a stare at the right time is given without you even noticing that you are throwing them out, but they are very well received. Same with the tone change in your voice.

Now back to casting love spells:

attracting loveWhile talking with the person targeted, you need to have control of your ability to release the sexual pheromone and no matter how hard you try to control your efforts, just thinking a person is attractive is not enough.

Picture yourself in an arousing act of a sexual nature (use your imagination) do no drool but you get the idea. You are aroused, pheromones fly, voice changes, physical mannerisms and they react.

Some react right away others have a delayed reaction or need multiple chances to have long hard in-depth conversations with you. Just have fun with it and be prepared for real results.

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