Curses and Love Spells

love-spells-that-workThe subject that arise the most in the psychics’ line of works is curses; can curses be lifted, can I protect myself psychically and can I make someone love me through a love spell?

In both cases you are looking at controlling outside sources without direct contact or influence and my answer is simple “yes”. Now is it worth it? No and is it always successful?

No, but do you have a chance of influencing others without contact, soul manipulation or mind control? “Absolutely, and at your own cost”.

Let me explain how this works…. You are a balloon floating through the room, and you want to make another balloon move out of your way. The act of moving yourself, creates air flow that moves not just you but also the other balloons around you.

Now by moving you are really the one that does the most amount of displacement and there is more effect on you than any of the other balloons but the effectiveness of being able to create movement in others without contact is very appealing to many.

The statement that a curse comes back 10 fold is a reality, and karmicly you will feel the pinch of it eventually. But just like some people are willing to chance jail for a crime the same chances apply for changing another’s will.
Favorite curse.. with little adverse effect: Understanding that I am good and with being a good soul comes with its advantages, I have also come to a realization that I am protected by the powers that be.

This only works when you have been just and the righteous in dealing with the individual in question…. Meaning you can not do anything to punish them yourself. This is completely a hands off approach.
The phrase “bad things happen to bad people” is more than a statement; it is a release of your responsibility and your protection on that person. You are saying that what ever forgiveness, friendship or support you have given psychically to that person you now withdraw and karma is free to judge.

A reminder that this only works for the righteous and when you make that statement, it also opens you up to judgment, so be careful. Be prepared that this act is not for everyone. There can be a sense of guilt when you do see what happens. (Cancer, family members’ die, loses job, etc.)

Are you ready to be the one that could have prevented these? A sad reality and that is why most good witches, psychics and mediums will never curse. It is what separates us from them.

In the same breath there is the concern that you might be cursed and how do you protect yourself. That is easier then you think, just be good and you are always covered by Gods umbrella, when you slip up, just repent and believe that you will follow a clearer path. Other wise it is impossible to tell who has it in for you and in that case it is not really the individual but rather karma doing its job.

A love spell:

First an explanation why they never work the way you want them to, they are created to draw two souls together, not necessarily changing ones views but really both persons views, remember the balloon theory.

I want a man to love me, so I do a slow meditation, picturing him, his look, his thoughts, and his smell. While I am connecting myself to him and pulling on his being I am also molding myself to imprint on him, basically you will find that although he will now notice you and be drawn to you, you have just involved your whole being in loving him. It’s the whole 10 fold thing.

This can be done through meditation, during meditation you actually picture yourself grasping what or who you want. There is also sexual act focusing, and repetitive devoting through chanting, candle burning, etc.
Watch out what you ask for. I have needed to get protective orders before realizing this is more trouble than it’s worth.Feel free to contact me if you need a love spell that works.

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