Libra, You have been through quite a bit. Living your life through your emotions and feeling in the moment, hasn’t made you very prepared for Financial Success but it has made you very capable to understand others needs and with this advanced sense of Empathy…. you are usually the person others come to for advice.

You are a Teacher, A Nurse and Lawyer. You have a divine sense of purpose and calling to “Help” . In a tight pinch your thoughts are almost channeled from another source.

As a Child you are emotional and excitable

As a Teen you are followed by troubles and have a little sense of Self Protection leaving you open to all sorts of demons and Ruthless sorts

Young adults are forced to find their selves a little late (you were just too busy putting others first)

Loving too intencely or not enough there seems no grey area here, passion is like a fire that can burn so bright it is overwhelming but the flame has to have fuel to continue. The libra will lose interest if not fueled. Self controlled and focused on goals, your only problem is knowing when to let go.

Adults are well settled and still find time to “help” others find their place. Selfish is not a word that describes you and are very well in control of emotions and are BALANCED .

Older Adults are almost always Wise beyond their years, connected and ready for anything. Guiding others along their paths. Best in Religion and Spiritual advice. They make the best Psychics.

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