Just Can’t Win?

[ad#ad-1] Ever wonder why things just keep going wrong and that the more you struggle to succeed something keeps knocking you back on your assets?

I mean you climb one step up the ladder and you loose your footing and fall back down 3 steps, never really ever gaining ground.

A lot of times people use the excuse that they just have bad luck or that they are cursed, perhaps even fate biting them in the butt for something they did in their past. “Didn’t I give enough tithes?”

I beg to differ. I have a different way of looking at what you are going through and then you will understand a little better the grand design.

Lets say you are so close to getting that job you have been waiting for, you have had all the interviews and your references have all came through for you (special thanks to Uncle Mike in the police department) and they ask you to come in one day to get some formalities out of the way.

On the way there you get a flat tire, it is raining, cell went dead and you are 3 miles to the nearest phone. OMG!

Yeah you can picture that rant and rave.

Why would God do that? Doesn’t he want you to succeed at anything, where is your reward for all the work and effort?

Well… While God was watching and being proud of you’re ever step the devil was watching too and doing some sweating. Your success would trigger hope and justice not to mention happiness, finally a little more money which means a little less stress, family would be in a better situations and God forbid if you were a religious person! That might tell others to do the same and get rewarded.

Nope… evil cant let you win. And Oh… How HE will fight the closer you get to greatness. Teeth and Nail screaming “NOOOO!” when you got that diploma, and try as he may stirring up all kinds of difficulties right before your wedding. Nope things always get worse the closer you are to the finish line.

But have faith; as much as the devil struggles to win, if you keep your eyes on the prize and do not falter, the devil gives up when he has no glimpse of winning.